CARE deserves all the help they can get |

CARE deserves all the help they can get

If you ever pop into Colorado Animal Rescue up Spring Valley, you might see an overly friendly cute little cat named Cloud roaming the shelter.CARE has been her home since June 2006 when she arrived as a stray that was roaming the streets as a homeless animal.Shes the only cat thats allowed to go where she pleases.Even after more than two years, the staff at CARE hope that Cloud will be adopted and have a home of her own.Cloud is just one of the many stories at CARE. Theres Maynard, a spunky little black dog, but he has an enlarged heart and heart murmur and even though the vet has cleared him, people are scared to take a chance on this compact energetic buddy.Maynard has been at CARE since March.CARE is our local animal shelter. Taking in the Clouds and Maynards of the valley, and taking care of them until and if someone decides to adopt them is what they do.CARE has 48 cats, 8 kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana. They also have 24 kittens and 7 dogs in foster care.A few weeks ago, the staff at CARE was clobbered with a huge arrival.Huge is kind of like saying the Titanic was a big ship that had a big accident.A total of 86 cats and kittens were taken to CARE from a home in Battlement Mesa. A kind-hearted woman who just couldnt bear the thought of stray cats not having a home, let things grow out of control. Thats when the Garfield County Sheriffs Office and CARE came to the rescue. For a facility that has 48 cats and 8 kittens, seeing an extra 43 cats and 36 kittens come through the door created more chaos than kicking a hornets nest.Imagine the noise and ruckus thats made by 142 cats and kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana. Im not sure but Im guessing the 3 bunnies and 1 iguana were not part of the chaos. Ive also got to believe that Cloud was none too happy with the arrival.In moments of stress, cats arent the most friendly or cooperative bunch. Weve all heard the humorous analogy of how tough it is to herd cats.Well, the staff at CARE had their world flipped. But they never considered an alternative. Their job just got bigger but CARE is about helping and thats what they did.But when you have 142 cats and kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana under your care, it takes a lot of dedication and loyalty from an army of volunteers. It also takes a massive load of supplies.A typical week at CARE, they go through roughly 175 pounds of dog food and 42 pounds of cat/kitten food. Thats 25 pounds of dog food and 6 pounds of cat food a day (insert multiple explanation points here).And we all know that cats have no interest in going outside to do their duty. So CARE goes through 40 pounds of cat litter a day.Oh, yeah, that doesnt include the canned food that they use on occasion.Now heres a startling little tidbit worth a couple more explanation points all those facts do not include the 86 cats and kittens that came to the shelter recently.So the cat supply need basically doubled.CARE always needs supplies, its that simple. They have a job to do and they need food and other supplies to get the job done. Of course theres one thing that the staff at CARE always wants for all their residents to get adopted and head off to a loving home.Providing care is what CARE does, and its a massive undertaking.Thats why we want to help. The Glenwood Springs Post Independent and the Carbondale Valley Journal will serve as drop-off locations for animal shelter supplies. If you have things that youd like to donate a bag of dog food or cat litter, a dog toy, a cat collar, a pet carrier, rubber gloves whatever you might have lying around, or maybe picking up something extra at the store to help CARE out.We will collect these items and deliver them to CAREs Spring Valley facility.We want to get the ball rolling, so were going to fill up the first box. We hope that you will follow suit and drop off supplies at one of the two offices.If you cant make it in or have a bunch of stuff youd like to donate, give us a call and well swing by your location and pick it up for you.Were glad to help because we know that CARE needs a helping hand, and they work hard to take care of their residents. Hopefully CARE is just a temporary residence for these animals.For now, CARE is packed to the rafters (if those cats escaped, they would be in the rafters) with 142 cats and kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana.We know these are tough economic times, but anything you can do to help will do just that help.Its not easy taking care of 142 cats and kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana, but the staff at CARE is always focused on providing the best temporary home possible for these animals.We would greatly appreciate you joining us in this endeavor. And maybe when we stop by with that first load of supplies there will be a lot less than 142 cats and kittens, 19 dogs, 3 bunnies and 1 iguana.I know Cloud would like a little piece and quiet. And maybe, just maybe, when the number of animals starts to drop, Cloud and Maynard will be a couple of the residents who will no longer have to call CARE their home, and there will be bluer skies for them at their new homes.

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