Carrying our weight, daily |

Carrying our weight, daily

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed recently that we have been writing and publishing editorials every weekday.

One of my goals when I became the paper’s editor 19 months ago was to establish a strong and consistent editorial page. My success in this has been sketchy. Buried by many other duties, I often let editorial writing drift off my desk. In the last year, we fell into a pattern of writing editorials when we had time, not necessarily when an issue demanded comment.

You deserve a newspaper that carries its weight, and participates in the life and decision-making of the community.

Two weeks ago, Post Independent Publisher Valerie J. Smith and I attended a conference in Reno, Nev., of the editors and publishers for Swift Newspapers, the family company that owns our paper.

During that conference, Swift Vice President Terry Horne, himself a former newspaper editor, offered all of us a challenge to begin writing editorials in our papers every day. He didn’t tell us what to write, or what political line to follow. He encouraged us to be reflective of our communities.

But his point was clear: take a position on things. Lots of things.

A key to making this happen is to expand our editorial board. Up to now, our editorial board included Smith, myself and News Editor Dennis Webb. We have now expanded the board to include Sports Editor G. Sean Kelly, and we will appoint another GSPI staffer from outside the newsroom by early May. That will bring the board to five people.

We will share the selection of editorial topics and together, set the newspaper’s stand on each issue. And we will all be writing editorials.

Because these editorials will now be the product of the board as a whole rather than one person, we are dropping the individual signatures that have appeared on editorials. These unsigned editorials will represent the consensus view of the editorial board – which is not to say that all of us agree with the position.

When major community decisions face us, particularly at election time, the editorial board will interview candidates and committees in order to develop our endorsements. I will be the point person on these meetings, and you can reach me by e-mail at or by phone at 945-8515, ext. 517.

Heather McGregor is managing editor of the Post Independent.

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