Dollars can’t buy common sense |

Dollars can’t buy common sense

April in GlenwoodApril E. ClarkGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The bad girls of Hollywood don’t seem to have it.Neither do criminals who shoot at police officers.And during most of my adolescent years, I think my parents wondered if I would ever get it.It’s “common sense,” and a Scott Paper Co. study recently revealed that 89 percent of mothers teach common sense to their children. I guess the other 11 percent figure a person has to be born with common sense, so why waste time teaching about it.Maybe they don’t believe it exists.Or they lack common sense themselves.Common sense is most commonly defined as “sound judgment” and making decisions based on “sensible reasoning.”My parents call that using your head.The Scott Common Sense Study polled 500 American adults who nearly all agreed that common sense beat out book smarts, benefiting people “in ways that school, books or traditional learning cannot.”

I guess that means 2 percent of the Americans surveyed believe common sense can be learned from a textbook.Maybe I should pen a “Common Sense for Dummies” book, complete with a complimentary copy of CliffsNotes so people don’t have to read the whole thing.The study confirmed common sense is mostly a generational value, passed down through families. And it revealed common sense has mostly helped Americans ages 25-44 with their love lives.I’m in that age group, but I can’t quite relate.I’ve been known to let good looks trump good sense. Results from the survey also showed that Americans who live in the Midwest or the West are more likely than southerners and northeasterners to say they have “above average” common sense.No wonder it didn’t work out when I married a guy from the south.For those lacking all that traditional common sense their moms and dads should have passed on, but somehow forgot, there’s a Web site for you.

It’s, brought to the public by the same company that released the aforementioned study. There are easy organizing tips, healthful hints, time-saving ideas and money-pinching pointers.For example, to save money, reuse paint by storing it in old glass jars. If the paint gets lumpy, strain it through a pair of old pantyhose.Common sense would tell me to take the pantyhose off first.Dorian, of Baton Rouge, La., suggests keeping red towels on hand for first aid cleanup with children, because she says they’ll stay calmer if they don’t see blood on the towel.Common sense would also suggest not to scream obscenities or pass out at the sight of blood when they see a kid’s head cracked open after a bad sledding accident.Maybe there’s a reason I’m not yet a parent. …And the Web site has a question of the month, which readers can suggest. The current question is “What will you take on vacation with you this year that you wish you’d taken last year?”A common-sense answer would be money, as opposed to a stash of illegal drugs. And a few extra changes of underwear, rather than an additional five pairs of shoes that you’ll never wear.

Just a thought.I was thinking of submitting a couple of ideas for Question of the Month that really put common sense to the test.How about, “Is it better to have moved to Colorado and be broke than to have stayed in the same place I was born and have expendable cash?”Or maybe, “What’s better, a guy who tells you he’ll never marry you or a guy you just met who says he’d marry you that weekend?” And finally, “If I have an open wound, is it a good idea to go tubing in the Colorado River when the water looks like chocolate milk?”Good fun sometimes trumps good sense.April E. Clark lacked in common sense when she didn’t buy property four years ago when she moved to Colorado. She can be reached at and 945-8515, ext. 16601.

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