Downtown Market column: Kogler’s Bakery weathered it all, to marketgoers’ delight |

Downtown Market column: Kogler’s Bakery weathered it all, to marketgoers’ delight

Julie Larson
Downtown Market
European-style baked goods from Kogler's Bakery, found each Tuesday at the Glenwood Downtown Market.

Five Tuesday markets left, that is it! Summer always seems to fly by, and what is a little more curious for me is that every summer seems to slip by even quicker than the previous summer. Certainly we are already feeling the subtle changes and signs that fall is just around the corner, cooler nights, less and less time to bask in the sun, and the flood of school supplies in the store.

While hopefully our late summer and fall bring us more slow and steady rain than we have seen these last few months, we invite you to come by with your family today from 4-8 p.m. and enjoy the sunshine we have been enjoying every Tuesday because we were not always this fortunate.

While I was not on the board for our first market season there are epic stories of the rain that fell every … single … Tuesday that whole season. And through that soggy season and every one since Will from Kogler’s Bakery has stuck it out and stayed with our wonderful four hour corner of the week.

Will is an Austrian who moved to the states in 1991 and soon after discovered that it was a struggle to find any good European bread. So in 1996 he started baking his own bread, and still goes back to Europe about twice a year to stay caught up with what is new in baking.

When he started out he was in just a few markets but now-a-days you can find him in 23 markets and festivals spanning from Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. While Will loves to bake, these events keep him on the road, but he still really enjoys being in the warm bakery encompassed by the smell of fresh pastries on a cold winter day.

He does not mind traveling so much because not only does he get to see more of these states but additionally markets make for a fun working environment. Will enjoys the vibe and the friendly people he sees every week for years, he has built such a great and happy customer base that he is connected to and gets to watch people grow.

Additionally, when he hears “we come to the market just for you!” it is so nice and makes the traveling worthwhile. Kogler’s Bakery is a trusted business on which you can always find great quality and consistency, and when asked, Will shares that he honestly does not know what else he would do if he did not bake.

So come on by today and say hello to Will, and his niece Anna, and enjoy one of his goodies which include quiches, croissants, strudels and ten different artisan breads. All are amazing, but if forced to choose Will and I agree the Apple Strudel is the best!

Sit and stay awhile in the park enjoying the last few weeks of our market in the grassy shade munching on some delicious bread. You can delight in the joy the kids have drawing with the chalk or splashing their feet in the pool, and listen to the wonderful melodies as provided by Jim Hawkins — one of our long time repeat musicians.

Reminder that we continue to double up WIC Farm Bucks and EBT. We look forward to seeing you there.

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