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Dyeing to learn life lessons

The changing fall colors inspired me to do a little changing of my own. Now, not only my hairdresser knows for sure, but so does everybody reading this column: I dyed my hair red! Not that you couldn’t tell by looking. I went from dark blonde to “What did you do to your hair?!” red in one short trip. It wasn’t thought out. I pretty much decided while I was sitting in “the chair” to go ahead and make a change. What the heck. Life is short. Et cetera. Changing something significant – quickly – in your appearance is an adventure. If you’ve ever done it, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, I’d recommend it. It’s pretty fun. Humility is definitely in order. You have to have a fairly laissez-faire attitude about yourself. In other words, you can’t change something somewhat drastic and not expect people to be brutally honest. The reactions can be hilarious.”What were you thinking?” a friend said when she first laid eyes on me – the “Lucy-I’m-home!” version of me, that is.Yeah, I’m looking good.”Oh my God,” another said.How am I supposed to take that?For others, the reaction is reaffirming.”Your hair is awesome, Auntie!” exclaimed my 8-year-old niece Juliette. What a smart girl. My husband, Erik, has wanted me to dye my hair red for years. He said now, it’s like having an affair with a redhead, only it’s me.”Who’s that redhead in our bed?” he said the other morning, laughing with glee. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not. Since I was going for the whole ch-ch-ch-changes thing, I also decided that I was sick of being Ms. Four-Eyes, so along with the hair color, I made a real effort to switch over to wearing contacts instead of my glasses. That was a bit more of a challenge. I’ve had contacts for years but have found the whole concept difficult. Why? It is absolutely unnatural for anyone to deliberately poke his or her finger into his or her own eye – and then repeat the process! I’d had problems – big problems – with that whole exercise in the past (read: one time it took me an hour – yep, an hour – before I gave up trying to land a contact into my left eye). What’s funny about changing outward appearances is that when you do this, you don’t see the changes as you cruise around inside your body. You’re still the same, yet people see something different. It reminds me how superficial we can be about outward appearances – and how unimportant it really is what color your hair is.After all this, I still haven’t gotten away from the Four-Eyes dilemma. I’m still hanging in there with my contact lenses, but now I have to wear reading glasses to see up close. That’s OK with me. The better to see you with – your outward appearance at least. Contact Carrie Click: 945-8515, ext. 518cclick@postindependent.com

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