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Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

If you are a frequent reader of these pages, you know that the Post Independent hosts a lively forum for debate on issues among readers.

Without dampening that debate, I want to further refine the letters policy so all our readers feel their views can be fairly represented.

Starting Monday, letters by the same writer will rarely appear more than once a week. The letters page will be more balanced if we hear from a variety of writers.

Compared to other newspapers, that’s still a liberal allowance. Many editors limit letter-writers to one appearance per month, or even 90 days.

I am not shutting anyone off ” merely regulating the flow.

In addition, let me clarify the ban on personal attacks in letters to the editor. The purpose is to cut out the name-calling and instead focus on the issues at hand.

It’s fine to criticize an idea, a viewpoint, a policy or an action, but name-calling does nothing to expand our understanding of current events. It only inflames the debate and makes it hard to focus on true matters of opinion.

That said, one person’s definition of a personal attack may vary from another’s. I do my best to cut attacks and name-calling from letters, but some on-the-edge statements occasionally slip through.

A newspaper is run by human beings, and letters to the editor are, by their very nature, subjective writings. If you feel I’ve made the wrong call on a particular letter, don’t hesitate to call or write.

Independent Voices

Meanwhile, those of you with strong opinions about current events take note: Independent Voices is open for new members.

Independent Voices is an opinion feature published in the Commentary section on Fridays. The “voices” are people from all walks of life and from all over Garfield County. They are divided into groups, and take turns answering each week’s current events question.

I cook up the question the week before and send it out by e-mail; the “voices” have five or six days to compose their answer (which is limited to 50 to 90 words) and return it to me.

I will take applications for new Independent Voices members from now through Friday, Jan. 30. Active members of the existing Independent Voices will remain in the rotation.

Interested readers should send me the following information by e-mail: name, year of birth, gender, mailing address, phone number and occupation. Send it to letters@postindependent.com.

We will schedule an evening photo shoot in February for all new members.

” Heather McGregor is the managing editor of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

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