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Editor’s note

Heather McGregor

Dear Readers,Another change is coming to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.Starting next Sunday, Nov. 3, your Sunday color comics will be published as part of a four-page pull-out in the center of the paper. The new pull-out will replace the inserted Sunday comics.The new “Funnies & Features” pull-out will also include the Sunday Puzzler crossword, Jacqueline Bigar’s Sunday Horoscope, Today in History and the Dear Prudence column, written by Ann Landers’ daughter, Margo Howard.Laurel Dewey’s column, the Humorous Herbalist, which has appeared in the Sunday edition, will make a move to our Friday B Section, called Options, starting this Friday, Nov. 1.For now, we will also move Neil Rosenthal’s column, Relationships, to the Friday B Section as well. I can’t tell if the column has a strong following, or if that space could be better used to bring you more arts and entertainment features. Please let me know what you think. Send an e-mail to mcgregor@postindependent.com, and call it “Rosenthal.”To make the shift to what the newspaper industry calls a “home print” comics section, we will be making a few cuts from the comics package we run now.These comics will not appear in the new Sunday section: Sally Forth, Hagar the Horrible, Mallard Fillmore, Marvin, Wizard of ID and Cathy.We will keep Peanuts, Blondie, Mutts, Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Dennis the Menace, Doonesbury, B.C., Baby Blues, For Better or For Worse and The Family Circus.The pull-out section will also feature two new-to-us comics: Zits, which actually made its debut in the inserted comics a month ago, and Prince Valiant, the continuing saga of a medieval Knight of the Roundtable.I know some of you will be upset that we have axed your favorite comic. I apologize for making your Sunday a bit less fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy the comics we will continue to publish.Tinkering with the comics is serious business. We tried to select a mix that appeals to all ages, but especially to young readers who are just starting to learn the value of reading the newspaper.Credit for the snazzy appearance of the “Funnies and Features” section goes to our graphic artist, Melanie Handl, who designed the banner for the section, and to copy editor Charlie Wertheim, who put all the pieces together in this four-page puzzle.Meanwhile, have you checked out our new Sunday feature, Mountain Mailbag? Edited by staff writer Donna Daniels, it runs every Sunday on page 3.It’s a real grab bag of fun stuff: vacations, goofy pets, weddings, anniversaries, quotes, big fish and social happenings, told with stories and pictures.It all comes from our readers.Take a close look at Mountain Mailbag, and send us your news and photos. Send them via e-mail to mailbag@postindependent.com or by mail to Mountain Mailbag, 2014 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.-Finally, everyone knows we have a very active and thoughtful exchange of ideas on our letters to the editor pages.These days, our readers are writing with passion about the potential for a war against Iraq and the candidates and ballot questions in the Nov. 5 election, along with other issues.We have found ourselves with a tremendous backlog of 50 letters. Some are printed today.Usually, we like to run as many letters as possible without serious cutting. But at this point, in order to get as many voices into the paper as possible before the election, we are cutting down long letters. The alternative is to run fewer letters, which I don’t care for.Letter writers, please limit your letters to 200 words. Boil down your thoughts to what you feel is most important. And remember, readers are much more likely to read all the way through a short letter.Heather McGregor is the managing editor of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

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