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Evil ignores social, political boundaries

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

In my most recent column, I addressed the fact that a little evil or stupidity trumps a lot of good. The “politically correct” of our society tend to paint issues with a broad brush that totally distorts reality.A favorite PC target is so-called “big business.” Incredible entrepreneurship, creativity and inventive genius contributed massively to the prosperity and power that we as Americans take for granted.The fact that evil is alive and effective in all levels of social and political interaction results in greed, perversion, deception and self-aggrandizement being manifest in everything. Business barons may rip off stockholders, but environmental worshippers burn down ski lodges and commit other atrocities.

Far too often, people with noble and altruistic intentions slip off into evil practices. It can happen to business, professionals, clergy, priests … in fact, anyone. I realize that if we all paid more taxes and had more governmental regulators, we would live in a perfect society (he said sarcastically). That of course assumes that all government employees have a high level of integrity and it’s the rest of us that are either stupid or dishonest.Actually, one of the most interesting and fascinating characteristics peculiar to mankind alone, is the concept of temptation. This little thing lurking out there has destroyed individuals, families and even kingdoms. It has also inflicted incredible suffering on innocent people.I understand that the concept of sin is not politically correct. Just for the purpose of discussion, let’s define sin as any self-aggrandizing action that imposes hardship, pain and grief on another person. James 1:14 says the progression is temptation, desire and sin. Then sin, when “full grown brings forth death.” That can be death of a relationship, death of a dream, death of a person, death of a business and maybe even death of a nation.Is it not logical then to assume that well-intentioned people in any walk of life can crash and burn when temptation/evil trumps all the good that is accomplished, dreamed and intended?

One of the great temptations is to peer through our little political keyhole at incredibly complex national and world situations and make pious pronouncements about who is to blame and who is evil. A small parallel is making judgments about other people’s situations and family relations, and then saying gossip that can be incredibly damaging.How great can be our embarrassment upon learning the real facts! How much harder is the healing because we rushed to judgment!At what point, for instance, does blessing the Palestinians and curing America slide over into treason? America is the only nation in history that has conquered nations and then helped them rebuild and set them free. Every disaster in any nation gets incredible assistance from America, and the indigenous sabotagers jump around and yell that we didn’t do enough.If those people who seem dedicated to the debasing of our country would concentrate on the affirmative, our country would surely gain respect, influence and effectiveness worldwide.

Maybe we can never repair the incredible damage done to our image internationally by the movie and TV industries, but we can work at reversing the trend.I really like the old spiritual that says, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch onto the affirmative, don’t mess with Mr. In-between.”Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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