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Federal government is overstepping its bounds

Ross Talbott
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When I was a young man, you could only vote on property tax issues if you owned taxable property.

Those who didn’t own property could not vote taxation on those who did.

Somehow that seemed logical to me.

Aside from the fact that I believe property tax is totally un-American, what right does anyone have to lay a burden on others that they themselves are unwilling to bear?

Changing this process to allow everyone to vote on property tax was a great step forward in the process of penalizing success and rewarding failure. That also made success much more difficult.

Jobs were limited and the price of every product and service was increased.

Those that thought they were making the wealthy pay an inordinate share were actually and unknowingly raising their own cost of living.

The only fair tax is the so-called fair tax. Eliminate all the taxes except sales tax. Even exempt food and medicine from that.

The cost of products would drop so dramatically that even the added sales tax would not bring them back to present levels.

The beauty of that principle is that the more stuff you can bless yourself with, the greater your share of the contribution to government.

Doesn’t that fairly balance the program?

Furthermore, our federal government has illegally gone way beyond its constitutional mandates.

We are not demanding the states’ rights as outlined by our founders.

We are being taxed for things that should be the provenance of the states.

Federal taxation has gone so far that it is now depressing the economy to the point that every increase actually decreases tax revenue (See the Laffer curve)

Not only has the Federal Government way overstepped its boundaries but it has ditched its responsibilities.

The Constitution mandates the Federal Government to print and set value on our currency.

Whose idea was the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor reserve?

Prove that there is gold to back our currency in Fort Knox.

Justify giving tanks, jet fighters and billions of dollars to an avowed enemy of our best ally.

Why do they cover up and justify Islamic terrorism?

Why do the feds give automatic weapons to drug cartels (Fast and Furious) and then try to take away our constitutional right to keep and bear arms?

Why are we cutting defense spending while countries are committed to our destruction?

Why are our leaders ordering the border patrol to back off in the face of rising infiltration?

Let’s close the border and then talk about immigration reform.

Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government the right to dictate our health care options?

A little nongovernment competition might improve the whole picture.

Oh no! That sounds like capitalism.

Going back again to my younger days, I remember when the schools were run by the parents. Then we went to county superintendents, school districts, state boards of education and now we have the federal Department of Education.

I can’t find that in the Constitution. I also notice that the cost of education has skyrocketed, but student achievement has not responded accordingly.

We are $16 trillion in federal debt and getting deeper at an alarming rate.

All things considered I have come to believe that we citizens are really gullible.

Our federal leaders are either really stupid or they have evil agendas.

I watched the “Rise of the Third Reich” on the History Channel and was awe struck that such a scientifically and theologically brilliant people could be so conned into such evil.

Is that same thing happening to us?

Quit cheering our glorious leader with your eyes glazed.

Back off and study history.

Do you really want a socialist or a communist or an Islamic nation?

What is freedom anyway?

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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