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Fluoridation of water may not be beneficial

Christopher Mullally
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Continuing along the lines of interesting facts I have encountered regarding public health, I would like to briefly address the issue of water fluoridation. Fluoride is a common component of public drinking water and has been touted as “one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.” I won’t waste time on all of the supposed benefits of fluoride as we’ve all been told of them ad infinitum. What I can tell you is simply that the safety standards for water fluoridation in this country are based on fraudulent science, and I encourage you to research this for yourself. It all begins with the aluminum industry.

The very first suggestion that fluoride be added to the public water supplies was suggested by a researcher named Gerald Cox at the Mellon Institute. Cox became interested in this at the direction of Francis Frery, who was the former director representing the aluminum industry. We need to understand the track record for the Mellon Institute a bit better to understand where Cox was coming from. You see, the Mellon Institute was the leading defender of asbestos (hired by the asbestos industry) and for many years this Mellon Institute created research that determined that mesothelioma was caused by anything other than asbestos ” which now has been thoroughly discredited. The Mellon Institute is nothing more than a sham, manufacturing science for hire. This is how you have to understand how the whole issue of water fluoridation came into being.

Here’s a quote to ponder; “Certainly there has been more litigation on alleged damage to agriculture by fluoride than all other pollutants combined.” Dr. Leonard Weinstein, Cornell University, 1983. Or, “Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant.” USDA

The bald fact is simply that water fluoridation is not necessary at all; fluoride is a chemical waste from the aluminum industry that is allowed to be sold and placed into our water supply for our “health.” In fact, most European countries do not use fluoride.

Further, due to increased exposure to fluoride, millions of children in the United states are developing dental flouridosis. Anchorage has repealed the addition of fluoride as an additive to their public water supply, Oregon has rejected a mandatory water fluoridation bill, Quebec City, Albany, New York and on and on are rejecting fluoridation as the public becomes more educated to the fact that not only is fluoride unnecessary, but is in fact harmful in constant doses.

The Vermont Department of Health has issued a warning not to give fluoridated water to infants under twelve months of age, and on August 13th of last year the CDC began facing ethics charges for misleading the public of the risks of fluoridated water.

Fluoride’s benefits are topical, not systemic; that is to say, that there is absolutely no need to swallow fluoride, not that you are given a choice.

I believe I have made my point here, and I see no need to continue beating a dead horse. I would only encourage all of you who have read this to please consider researching this topic independently. Fluoride certainly does have its benefits, but the benefits given from the use of this substance should be ours to choose, especially when they can potentially harm our well being.

Christopher Mullally is a columnist for the Post Independent and Valley Journal and welcomes comments at: christophermullally@gmail.com

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