Following a false prophet |

Following a false prophet

For more than four years, a majority of the American people have accepted the word of a false prophet – our president, George W. Bush, who has glibly fed us one piece of false propaganda after another.Saddam Hussein was in league with al Qaida in the destruction of the World Trade Center. False.Saddam Hussein had stores of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. False.Saddam Hussein was trying to buy uranium ore from Africa, and was importing aluminum tubing to manufacture nuclear weapons. False.Only 140,000 troops are all that will be needed in Iraq because we will be welcomed as liberators. False.Revenues from the sale of Iraq’s oil will pay the cost of the reconstruction of Iraq. False.Either we fight the terrorists in Iraq, or we will have to fight them over here. False. Just the opposite: our invasion of Iraq is likely to make the terrorists even more determined to strike us here in the United States.The formation of an Iraqi government will result in a major reduction in insurgent terrorism activities. False.Bringing democracy to Iraq will set an example for the Muslim world. False. The fact that Iraq has been unable to form a functioning government capable of controlling insurgency, and public demonstrations in Afghanistan for the death of Abdul Rahman for becoming a Christian, shows how ready the Muslim world is to adopt the principles of democracy.And just recently, “Things in Iraq are going very, very well.” False. The country is on the brink of a civil war, and the people have neither security nor reliable supplies of electricity and gasoline.Our false prophet also assures us that our economy is robust. False. Our airline companies are floundering and struggling with bankruptcy; General Motors is in similar financial straits with Ford not far behind; manufacturing jobs, the foundation of middle-class America, are vanishing at an alarming rate; foreclosures on home mortgages are increasing rapidly; and the number of families without a health care plan (46 million) and the number of families falling into poverty are both on the increase. This doesn’t seem like a robust economy to the majority of American families, who are struggling financially. Bush has brought increased wealth to the wealthy with his tax reductions, and has given some American businesses a shot in the arm with hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending. But where does he get the money for these giveaways? Simple. He just increases the national debt, to be paid off sometime in the future by someone else. His is a credit card fiscal policy. This is where George W. Bush has outdone Ronald Reagan and his father combined. He has increased the national debt by $3 trillion in less than six years, something it took them 12 years to accomplish. If we could put everything on our credit cards without regard for how or when it was going to be paid for, we could seem to be pretty prosperous, too – for a while, that is.Then we come to the looming energy crisis and global warming. Our false prophet is like Alfred Newman of Mad Magazine fame – “Who, me worry?” George W. Bush has been in denial on both of these issues since he entered the White House. His message has been “business as usual,” just keep drilling, anywhere and everywhere. He has suppressed scientific evidence by government scientists that does not agree with his beliefs, just as he selected intelligence reports on Iraq that supported his desire to go to war, despite warnings that they were not reliable, and he disregarded reports that did not suit his intentions. Bush appointed Phil Cooney, a lawyer with no scientific background, to rewrite and censor government energy and global arming studies that did not support his opinion. Just recently, he has mentioned these problems, but has done little or nothing to solve them.A majority of Americans now realize that our country has been ill-served by a false prophet. What about the rest? Wake them up – they must be asleep.Glenwood Springs resident Hal Sundin’s column runs every other Thursday in the Post Independent.

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