Freedom of speech is under attack |

Freedom of speech is under attack

As war reigns, the God-fearing conservatives apparently see rainbows in the showers of blood and believe there’s a pot of oil at the end of the rainbow. The honest liberals, adrift on a boat called Freedom in the river of blood, never mentioned the blood till conservatives took their oars and started paddling towards the rapids looking for rainbows, rainbows that rise up from the bottom of raging red cascades.

We’re all in the same boat. Do we ride it out? Heck yes, but hang on because good ol’ Freedom could get turned upside down.

There is no democracy in a war zone, it’s a totalitarian state with rules akin to the laws of the jungle. As we dance around the Bush fires, our victories are measured in body counts. On day 22 of the war, CBS News reported body counts in our favor. 96 Americans and 30 Brits compared to “thousands of Iraqi soldiers.”

Perhaps the God-fearing conservatives can lead us in a little prayer for the fallen. According to the body counts, it’s obvious that God is on their side. And while we’re at it, maybe Lynn Shore from Battlement Mesa can say a prayer for all the Iraqi civilians who keep standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Red Cross has indicated, “So many Iraqi civilians have been killed, we’ve lost count.” My limited intellectual capacity cannot rationalize these deaths as well as Lynn can. I appreciated Lynn’s letter (GSPI 3/30). Thanks for reminding us all how awful Saddam can be. The actions of his regime are atrocious, and we can agree on that.

However, I would like to clarify two things. 1. Only two countries are aiding the United States militarily, Britain with 5,000 troops and Australia with 5,000 troops. The rest of the “coalition forces” are watching the war at home on TV. 2. Regarding the 155 Howitzers, whose range is 20-30 miles, I was referring to an unidentified soldier who was interviewed while firing the weapon. He said, “With no direct line of sight on targets, you can’t see what you’re killing.” It sounded like firing blindly to me.

I’d like to thank Jack Voss of Rifle for writing in (GSPI 3/30). He might be my most fervent reader as he reads my column “biweekly.” I like words that have two meanings like biweekly. It can mean every two weeks or twice a week. If you say I rant biweekly, some people might get the wrong impression that I write in twice a week. I exploited a half-truth in a way I thought Mr. Moolick would appreciate. But let’s be abundantly clear, if the majority of western Colorado votes for the right, it needs some lefties to balance the scale. If you really do listen to opinions, both left and right, why not mine?

Richard, Richard. (Moolick-GSPI 4/5, Doran-GSPI 4/8). It’s hard to tell where one starts and the other leaves off. Since both of your first names are Richard, can I assume that both of you are of the same mind? In this case it might be hard to tell, but I have a friend who is also called Richard whose opinions are diametrically opposed to the first two Richards. Same name, different opinions.

The reason I bring this up is because someone with same last name as me has been getting my death threats. The editors at GSPI have informed me that the other Mr. Boettcher was a little upset at the prospect of getting killed for something I said. I can’t blame him.

There are invertebrates skulking in the shadows of our listening audience who are are too cowardly to stand up in public and be heard, they’d rather make anonymous phone calls threatening the lives of those who would entertain free speech. By doing so, they compromise the very freedoms America stands for.

My name is Bernie Boettcher, I oppose the war. If you don’t like that, write a letter.

Cowardly, anonymous threats by the lickspittle toadies of violence will only strengthen my resolve to oppose this military option. There’s a big difference between attacking and being attacked. The “friendly fire” on the commentary pages is an acceptable way to express your opinions. Those people who would deny the freedom of others to express their opinions plant the seed of despotism.

Yes, the Bush fires are everywhere and like so many Iraqi civilians, free speech is under attack in Silt. I will stand and fight for freedom, dear readers, but please understand, I don’t have to go to Iraq to do it.



P.S. My phone number is unlisted, but if you absolutely need to send me a death threat or a compliment, go to:

Bumper Sticker Bonus: “You can always tell a redneck, but you can’t tell him much.”

Silt resident Bernie Boettcher’s column runs every other Thursday, not twice a week.

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