Fricke column: Megamedia needs to back off |

Fricke column: Megamedia needs to back off

Randy Fricke
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As I started to view national coverage of Super Tuesday on MSNBC and CNN, I had to shut it off and on most of the day. The mainstream media, or the megamedia television networks along with ABC and others, are focusing mainly on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In the days leading up to March 1, it was apparent that the megamedia had picked Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee and Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee. Since Sen. Bernie Sanders lost in the South Carolina primary last weekend, the megamedia wrote Sanders off almost immediately as a noncontender.

Even though Clinton won seven of the primary contests mostly in the South on March 1, Sanders showed strength winning four states — Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont, his home state. Clinton edged out Sanders in Massachusetts in a close race.

Sanders was counting strongly on a win in Massachusetts. There were unconfirmed reports that former President Bill Clinton blocked off voters in Bedford, Massachusetts, while campaigning for his wife. Petitions are being issued on social media calling for the Massachusetts attorney general to arrest the former president for violating campaign laws.

Donald Trump had a big day on Super Tuesday by winning eight states, mostly in the South. Sen. Ted Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma while Sen. Marco Rubio won Minnesota. Gov. John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson received only minimal votes; however, Kasich was a strong contender in Vermont.

Regardless of what the megamedia preaches, Sen. Bernie Sanders needs to stay in the race all of the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. What if Hillary Clinton’s email controversy reveals that she failed to respond properly to the Benghazi incident or compromised national security with classified emails on her private server? The same scenario could play out for the Republicans. Rubio, Cruz and Kasich should hang around if Trump’s hot air bubble bursts. Will the Republican Party establishment fire the Trumpster? Then what?

Maybe the Colorado Republicans are the smartest Republicans in the country by not locking themselves into Donald Trump or another candidate right now.

Even though I am a registered independent, I am proud that Colorado Democrats went against the megamedia’s choice and went for Sanders.

Yes, I support Sen. Sanders. I have been following the actions of Sen. Sanders in Congress for the past three years. One of my favorite things about Sanders is his fight against the growing inequality in America and his relentless fight against the Wall Street banks and the wealthy 1 percent who have manipulated the American economy for years.

The fact that he does not take any campaign money from corporations or large Super PACs is a big plus. Sanders has clearly posted all of his goals and policies on his website. These goals are a sign that he has the best interests of Main Street America in his heart. I believe in Sanders, who puts it all on the line. I don’t see that in any other presidential candidate.

Americans deserve to know the truth about the Clinton emails while she was secretary of state. Americans deserve to know what Donald Trump’s real policies are. Do we really want America being run from the Trump Towers? Do we really want America being run by Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street buddies? If the megamedia has their way, which they probably will, Americans will be faced with voting for two Wall Street candidates in November: Clinton and Trump.

The megamedia is now dictating to the American public that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are their party’s nominees. This process just got started. Only 15 states have had caucuses or primaries. Thirty-five states remaining. The megamedia needs to back off and give Americans what little democracy we have left.

That’s my view from Main Street America.

Randy Fricke of New Castle is an environmental advocate and political activist. He is the author of “If I Were President/Saving Main Street America.”

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