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If the furrows in my forehead seem deeper this week, it’s because I can’t figure out why some people do the things they do. It’s no wonder there are so many people out there getting Botox injections. We need to numb our skulls just to hide the wrinkles caused from trying to figure out the actions of all the numbskulls.Two weeks ago I used this column to make people aware of the proposed closure of BLM land on Silt Mesa due to trash dumping problems. By the following Monday, April 15, most of the trash was picked up. By Thursday, April 18, someone came in and dumped a car battery, a gas container and its contents, a gallon jug of oil, chicken wire, a shredded blue tarp, a dead cat, and two five-gallon cans of silver roofing cement.By Monday, April 22, some dunderhead had dragged the bullet ridden Oldsmobile Omega out of its resting place toward the gun range. They flipped it over onto its roof while dragging it, and its entire contents of loose car parts, glass, gasoline and oil spilled all over the road. Once they had it flipped over and “dead,” they took a knife and cut the tires off the rims and discarded them beside the mangled heap.The excited driver then proceeded to carve donuts in the soil with their vehicle as if in a vain attempt to spell out their IQ. Congratulations “Mr. Zero,” you get the moron of the month award! The BLM now wants to close this area to all motor vehicles because of people like “Mr. Zero.”While I’m on the subject, there is another area just below the Harvey Gap dam that has turned into a dump zone as well. All of the land there, and the road that connects to the BLM land above it, is private. Everyone seems to treat it as if it was all BLM. That may change soon. It is my understanding that the BLM is working with the private land owner to get the access road shut off. The main reason is garbage.There are a few tons of garbage collecting on the land including an old bus, couches, a freezer, numerous tires, car batteries, a water heater, a toilet, dryer parts, gas tanks, Zerex antifreeze containers, Top Ramen bags, 22 cartridge boxes, City market meat packing packages, Doublemint gum packs, firepits, Clorox containers, piles of broken glass, broken lighters, trees cut, some dead sheep, shoes, cardboard, old metal parts, Kum & Go cups, Suava Java cups, house trim, drinking straws, newspapers, take-out food containers, a car fender, carpet, a muffler, farm equipment, shingles, a door frame, a ladder, chicken wire, a kids pool, an air mattress, a chair, a dead cow and piles of manure, and a large barrel of garbage overflowing with assorted junk. My favorite piece is the exercise bicycle standing upright in the trees.Some joker dumped a whole bag of trash including some Coleman fuel which all ended up in the stream that supplies water to all the irrigation ditches on Silt Mesa. On the weekends, one can see large groups of people gathered there for party time.It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that whole area gets locked off by summer.That reminds me. On Hubbard Mesa in Rifle, just beyond the first cattle grate on the JQS road, I talked to the landowner as he was picking up trash on his property recently. He says he’s tired of cleaning up after everyone and he’s going to fence off about 120 acres and build a house there.He says the mountain bikers, four-wheelers, jeeps and motorcycles have trashed the land, and he’s not putting up with it anymore. All of the roads, trails and singletrack on his property will be locked off soon. He says he also cleaned up garbage on the BLM parking area and within three weeks it was completely trashed out again. He says he put up signs and within a day or two, they were all torn down. He plans to lock off access.Litterbugs are the thieves that are stealing our freedom to access our lands. Let’s make life more enjoyable for everyone. Please pack out your own trash. If you want to feel really good, pack out someone else’s trash. Happiness often consists of giving others more help than they deserve. If that doesn’t iron-out your wrinkles, try Botox.Furrow-Faced from the Filth,BernieBernie Boettcher’s column runs every other Thursday in the Post Independent.

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