Getting away is almost too much effort almost |

Getting away is almost too much effort almost

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Im going away for a few days, and I havent even begun to think about starting to pack. Why is it that pre-vacation planning and after-vacation fallout require so much effort that it almost makes it worth it not to take time off of work? (Emphasis on the almost its still always worth it to break from routine and get out from under your life.) What a cycle weve created. We work, work, work then accrue enough vacation time to earn some time away from work, so that we work just as hard to get away as we do at work.We plan the trip, get everything ready to go, make sure everythings covered while were away, and then we go, we get away ahhhh. Then, just as quickly, the ahhhhh is over, and we hurry back to clean up the mess that was left behind, to repeat the same cycle again. So whats so tough about going away? Ill throw some clothes in a duffel, and Im out the door, right?Not so fast. Minimum pre-trip procedures include getting out the calendar to make sure I havent committed to be somewhere during the time Im going to be gone. I need to make sure all the four-legged creatures have enough to eat. Does everybody have enough hay, weeds, kibble? And I cant forget to look at all that paperwork on my desk. Yes, the sheets of paper spilling over onto my office floor, down the hall, out the door and into my car (well, not really, but thats how it feels sometimes). Make sure that Ive cleaned up as many loose ends as possible so that the second day Im gone I dont get a desperate call on my cell that will cause the world to stop spinning on its axis if I dont deal with it directly. Post-trip, I get to answer the 743 e-mails that have come to my mailbox, and answer the 39 phone messages that have been left on my voicemail. And of course, Ive got to unpack before leaving on the next getaway. Its a bit of a vicious cycle, eh? I guess Im lucky because Im one of those weird people who likes what I do for a living. I also like getting away, too. But wouldnt it be great to be able to alleviate the before-trip and after-trip trauma? Thats what Id call a true vacation. Carrie Click is the editor of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle, and the western Garfield County bureau editor for the Post Independent. She can be reached at 625-3245, ext. 101,, but not for the next few days.

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