Getting rid of stuff suddenly gets easier |

Getting rid of stuff suddenly gets easier

Lately, its getting easier to get rid of stuff, figuratively and literally.Since Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast, Im having a lot less trouble moving stuff out of my life, both literally and figuratively.I didnt know anyone who was personally affected by the storms. Ive never been in a hurricane, and I dont know what it feels like to lose everything I own and start over. Still, I think about those thousands upon thousands of folks who dont have, well, anything anymore. And it makes it easier to let go of possessions, real or implied. I thought about that last night when our calico cat knocked a hand-painted porcelain tile of ours to the floor and it broke in a bunch of pieces. Ahhhh, I sighed, and then I thought of people down south coming home to find their houses wiped clean from their foundations. Suddenly, the broken tile didnt seem like such a big deal. I enjoyed my tile with the duck painted on it for the time I had it, and now its gone, I thought. Into the trash it went. As I was going through my address book this weekend, clearing out the names of people I am no longer in touch with, I got a little melancholic at first. Some have just drifted away, for whatever reason. But I tried to look at it in a different light. They were there for a time in my life, and now that time has gone. Its OK. Names in the address book sometimes get erased, and new names get added in.Last week, I finally replaced my seven-year-old computer hard drive after it crashed and burned one too many times, and had the computer guys transfer all my documents and photos into a new one. But my heart skipped a beat on Saturday when I hooked up the new computer, turned it on, and couldnt find one written file. What would I do? A little more looking, and I found everything. But it reminded me that if I had lost everything on that computer, well, life would continue. All this weekend, I went through rooms and cleared items out that we dont use or dont need. I made piles to give away and piles to trash and piles to recycle. Im not done. But at least its a start. And in the meantime, clearing things away literally and figuratively can do wonders for the soul. Carrie Click is the editor of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle. Point & Click skips a week on Oct. 18, but will return on Oct. 25. You can reach Carrie at 625-3245 ext. 101,

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