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Goals that get results

Hop aboard my time machine, friends. Let’s turn back time, to your last resolution to get in shape. You headed to the gym, to sweat your buns off. Maybe you banned junk food.Jump ahead one month. Did your good intentions fade? Did your accomplishments “stick”?Why is sticking to resolutions so hard? Because you must employ a system of continuously setting goals.To review the last “Anti-Aging Secrets” episode, a healthier body is built on a spiritual foundation. Acknowledge your greatness. Your body is your vehicle through your amazing life. Surround yourself with positive influences, and with people who support your goals.Now progress to goal-setting, the part that will “make or break” your health journey. Yes, scheduling time to build goals is imperative! In fact, goal-setting is vital to the success of accomplishment in your life!Our “goal” is to set detailed, attainable goals. Designate a journal for your goals. Start by categorizing larger visions, such as “Trimming Extra Weight”, “Eating Nutritious Foods,” and “Reducing Stress.” Next, explain each category with SMART steps. They become Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed. Establish both short-term, and long-term, goals.Start by writing goals for each week, and each month. Get focused. If you skimp on this part, you are jeopardizing your success. Write Specific details about each goal. Define them in Measurable terms. Describe with Action verbs and adjectives. Ensure that your goals are Realistic by looking deeply into your health history, and your beliefs. Last, add a sprinkle of Time.I’ll demonstrate a SMART goal. Suppose you aspire to “Lose Weight”. A short-term goal might read: “I plan to lose 5 pounds this month by walking briskly for 15 minutes on my lunch hour on Mondays and Wednesdays, and performing one hour of aerobic and strength training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work. I’ll take time each night, immediately after dinner, to prepare healthy meals for the next day. I will find a new motivational quote for each week.”Again, perpetuate positive influences. Build a team who support your goals. Bombard yourself with motivational tools. (Learn. Practice. Repeat.)Just a few years ago, I faced an enormous new challenge. Failure was not an option. All day, I listened to the lyrics of Ryan Shupe, singing “You’ve got to set your sails to cross the raging sea … that’s why, you never know until you try.” I worked toward that new challenge as if my life depended on it. In the end, I far exceeded my hopes.Friends, I encourage you to continually set health goals, because, indeed, your life depends on it.Nina Schnipper provides massage, nutrition and weight control programs. Call her at 948-0179.

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