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God is the defining source of morality

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

“You can’t legislate morality” used to be a common statement. In today’s American culture, that statement obviously does not resonate at all.Webster defines morality as “a system of ideas of right and wrong conduct.”Our government is obviously creating its own “system” of right and wrong. The courts of the land are also involved in this process, creating a morality system by judicial fiat.We have created such terms as freedom of choice and political correctness to redefine morality or right and wrong. Our public education system teaches incorrect or incomplete history in its unique process of redefining morality.Another vague and overarching term being used is “human rights.” Who then determines what these so-called human rights are? The courts are trying to do it, but obviously the California courts don’t see it the same as the Texas courts.Tolerance is another big issue of the morality battle. It has a nice ring to it, but it is applied selectively. For instance, let’s tolerate Islam even to the point of reading the Koran in school, but let’s not “tolerate” the Bible or Christianity. We should tolerate illegal aliens to the point of giving government aid, but not tolerate referring to them as “ignorant peasants.” We should tolerate hate-filled criticism of America and condemn anyone who criticizes the haters.We kill the unborn to attempt to eliminate the penalty for sexual irresponsibility. We allow multiple sex offenders to live free, when a simple surgical procedure would solve their problem and ours.In the name of “tolerance,” we pass laws that homosexuals can take our Boy Scouts camping.We take away parental rights and give those rights to public school teachers.The Social Services has redefined parental rights, even to the extent of mandating disciplinary techniques.If you have any questions concerning what constitutes moral treatment of your animals, you can simply check out what the government prescribes. Animals must be, by law, treated better than unborn children.In fact, a review of court decisions can answer your questions concerning morality in virtually any situation.The list could go on extensively and cover areas such as property rights, substance abuse, medical procedures, subsidies and taxation.By now you can surely see that somebody is, in reality, legislating morality.Where in the world did they come up with the crazy idea that “you can’t legislate morality?”There was a time in our early history that the founders were committed to the moral principles espoused in the Holy Bible and Christian practice. Believing that standards of conduct (morality) were established by God disallowed any legislative tampering.Now words such as immoral and decadent need to be redefined based on politically correctness or legislative precedence.Politicians have to take numerous polls to try to determine their beliefs.Posting the Ten Commandments in a public place creates a hostile work environment for public officials.We struggle to figure out what the meaning of is, is.Our culture has moved from a foundation on the rock to shifting sand. Maybe we are really like New Orleans, and our government is below sea level.If God is the defining source of morality, then it is the government’s task to teach, encourage and enforce those standards. The ultimate consequences are in God’s hands.If government is god, then there are no ultimate consequences, and morality is up to government agencies.Denying God and placing your faith in government might be the ultimate, nonrefundable stupidity.If there is even a remote possibility of an eternity, can you afford to be wrong?Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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