Goodbye gardens, hello pets |

Goodbye gardens, hello pets

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The days are getting shorter, the weather cooler, the trees more colorful.Summer’s just about in hibernation.For the past few months, the Post Independent has featured many beautiful gardens in Garfield County. We asked for them, and you readers surely responded.People love their gardens, and there are many outstanding gardens littered across the county’s landscape.We started the garden portraits as a way for us to interact with our readers. With the response we received, we consider it a success.We’re ready to unveil our latest effort.Calling all (cute) pets. That’s right, we’re having a cute pet contest.Think your little Fido is cute? What about Paulie the parrot? Chester the cat?I don’t know much about cute pets. In my brother’s words, I have two “spazzes” as pets.That’s right, my golden retriever, Wishbone, and black lab mix, Molly, are pretty pathetic. Wishbone, a registered AKC dog who’s official name is Myles’ Lucky Wishbone, is probably the saddest, most dorky golden on the face of the earth. He can’t stay groomed for more than five minutes. He gets brushed, and seconds later he’s rolling around in the weeds.His passion as a puppy was playing ball, and, yes, eating sprinkler heads.Now, he just plays ball and licks himself. But he’s loyal. He will greet me at the door in usual golden fashion – with a shoe in his mouth.Molly, well, her problems aren’t really her fault. She was a homeless dog in Salem, Ore., when we got her. She belonged to a homeless man who abandoned her at the bus station, which was across from the street from the newspaper I was working at at the time. I told my wife, “Ah, isn’t she cute? We should give her a home.”Those were famous last words, let me tell you. We didn’t know at the time that she would display classic separation anxiety tendencies, or that she probably was kicked around a lot while on the streets. We would leave her at home for a quick dinner. Our punishment for leaving her? We came back and our couch is in a million pieces. If we left her outside for a while? There goes the flower bed.OK, she’s calmed down a lot since then – and without the need for doggie prozac. But we’re not ready to buy that new couch just yet.Hey, they’re out pets, and we love them, dorky and neurotic as they are.Getting back to your pets. Send us a photo of little Fido, and we’ll put it in the paper. We’ll also put all the pet photos on our Web site so you can compare all the cute doggies and such.Then at the end of the year, we’ll hold an online pet election to see which pet gets the most “Awwww”s. And we’ll do a feature story on the winning pet and owner.Do you have a cute pet? Send us a photo and let us know.Thomas R. Martinez is the managing editor of the Post Independent. His two dogs might get a sympathy vote – if they’re lucky.Thomas R. Martinez is the managing editor of the Post Independent. His two dogs might get a sympathy vote – if they’re lucky.

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