Government divides and conquers |

Government divides and conquers

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

My brother once told me if he ever had to move out of the United States, he would move to Texas.

I’m becoming more sympathetic with that attitude. Apparently when Texas joined the Union, it retained the right to secede.

It’s certainly difficult enough for the people to finance basic governmental services such as the military and transportation. What is incredibly disturbing is to have government “borrowing” ahead to throw money at all sorts of things, and to not only obligate us for future payback but to obligate our descendants for several generations. At the same time, they promote “freedom of choice” so there will be millions less to help pay this debt.

This sort of reckless stupidity suggests underlying motives.

First, I believe it is a great payout promised in return for votes. Money going to unions, banks and organizations such as ACORN is either payoff or buyoff.

The primary motive of all this financial smoke and mirrors is really a divide-and-conquer strategy.

It really started back in the ’60s with the “one man, one vote” strategy. Previous to this legislation, you could not vote on property tax unless you were a property owner. The new thing promoted as a fairness maneuver now allows nonproperty owners to vote taxes on the owners.

The latest plan is to tax the rich and give to the poor. This penalizes success and rewards failure, definitely creating a societal division.

This strategy creates animosity between diligence and indigence.

If you give free education and medical care to illegal aliens and expect others to pay extra to cover the cost, you create anger and resentment. As a matter of fact, the government itself is advocating and promoting breaking its own laws when it provides benefits to illegals at the expense of the legitimate citizens. If that doesn’t make you just a little angry, you’re asleep at the wheel and will die in the wreck.

What right has our government to prosecute Bernnie Madoff for misusing other people’s money when they are guilty of the same thing?

When you require schools to teach the “theory” of evolution as truth and forbid any evidence to the contrary, it is certainly not promoting fairness and cooperation.

On the one hand, we talk about equality and fairness and then have graduated income tax. The only tax that would be really fair across the board is the “fairness tax.” Get rid of every tax but sales tax. That would eliminate the IRS (at great saving) and you would pay according to your ability to buy stuff.

Another area our government uses to create division is regarding race. On the one hand, they rant about equality and on the other hand they promote racism.

Every government form you fill out has a blank to fill out for race. The only thing that should be pertinent is proof of citizenship.

If we are really the great melting pot, why do we still have special programs that require or provide special treatment for some people based on race or ethnicity? So much for equal rights.

I may seem a little cynical, but I believe all of these divisions are either imagined or created by government to justify its intrusive, over-reaching and controlling agencies.

Any time you have conflict, you need some overarching authority to bring about control, from homeowners’ associations to federal government.

A society without conflict would need only minimal government.

By creating societal divisions and conflict, you can also justify a huge legal system that has ongoing litigation with investigators, prosecutors, defendants, probation officers and incarceration facilities. No wonder the U.S. tops the list in jail inmates relative to population.

We have a country that has gone from a melting pot to a salad bowl (with lots of fruits and nuts).

We have been divided and conquered by our own government.

Less unity and self-reliance coupled with internal conflict has also made us vulnerable to natural disaster and outside enemies.

Can we really expect God to bless America?

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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