Guest opinion: Second Amendment is America’s first freedom |

Guest opinion: Second Amendment is America’s first freedom

Richard Teague
Richard Teague
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Re: June 3, 2015, Hal Sundin column

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? I thought you were smarter.

Mr. Sundin seems to believe that when our Constitution and Bill of Rights were written that there was a “well regulated militia” hanging around waiting for King George to push people far enough to take up arms and push back against an arguably superior force. It is amazing what a bunch of rag tag millers, farmers and shopkeepers can do when they have had enough of a tyrannical government and holier-than-thou politicians. They became the “militia,” and just because that conflict is long over does not mean that a “dormant militia” is not out there, or is not willing to surface again.

Mr. Sundin thinks that there would be no hope of victory using semi-auto AR-15s, shotguns, handguns and even muzzleloaders against the superior weapons at the control of a president and liberal Congress. That seems to be the belief of most liberal politicians, media and those that just think they are “supreme beings.”

Ask the French and American politicians who did not have guts enough to see their commitment to Korea and Vietnam through. Ask Russian and American politicians who showed and still show the same signs of weakness in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. Don’t blame the noble veterans of those conflicts, they had guts, they would have won if they had been allowed. Their politically correct leaders tucked tail and ran. And the same will happen in this country if they continue their illegal, self-grandizing, self-serving ways.

You cite historical localized incidents of protest and rebellion that were quickly quelled. They were all against very localized and mostly unarmed citizens trying to gain a better life or receive what was rightfully promised them. The climate of unrest that underlies our nation today is far more widespread and the populace is far better prepared. When those bully tactics happened, people on the other side of the country didn’t hear about it for weeks. Today it would spread in seconds around the world.

The standing armed forces of the U.S. number little more than 1.4 million. Throw in reserves and law enforcement and you might get up to 2 to 3 million. Subtract the “Oath Keepers” and those who would not take up arms against their fellow countrymen and you reduce that force considerably. There are 80 to 100 million gun owners in this country and more than 300 million privately owned firearms. Mr. Sundin, you do the math. You can’t possibly find them all, let alone confiscate them.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were penned by an absolutely brilliant group of patriots, far more forward-thinking and less self-serving than the group that seems able to buy their way to an egotistical “leadership” role today.

I don’t believe there is more gun-related crime or mass murder incidents today; only that the lamestream media chooses to report and sensationalize it more. It advances their agenda and sells more advertising. Stop turning these loonies into heroes. Convict them and bring back and practice the death penalty. It may not deter crime, but we’ll know that SOB won’t kill again.

You have been sold the BS that registration and restriction of certain firearms is a safety issue. Obama, Pelosi, Bloomberg and Hickenlooper don’t give a twit about your safety, it’s their safety they are worried about. If they would just do what is right for the country and not be concerned about re-election and getting richer, they would not have that guilt and worry.

So, Mr. Sundin, you continue to drink the Kool-Aid. You seem to have already conceded your freedom to your superiors. Don’t try to give them mine. I, for one, don’t believe you’ll live to see the utopia that you dream of. I know that I won’t.

The Second Amendment is America’s first freedom.

Richard Teague of Carbondale describes himself as a citizen, patriot, Marine and Vietnam vet, proud gun owner and benefactor member of the NRA.

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