Here again, just don’t call it a comeback |

Here again, just don’t call it a comeback

April Back in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Everything happens for a reason. Life will all work itself out. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. …

All mantras I’ve followed at one point or another.

Everyone needs a great slogan to fall back on, really.

Lately the first two have been what’s kept me going through the stressful times. Moving out of state, and then back again, in the course of four months can drive a girl to the therapy couch.

But so can being in a long-distance relationship and having a MySpace account. Dating is sure not what it used to be. Not quite the love-letter-writing days of our parents and grandparents.

There should be a warning telling neurotic daters to beware when logging on to MySpace.

“Avoid exposure to comments from random ex-girlfriends. Do not look directly at pages of exes. Go directly to your own page and do not pass go.”

I’m sure there’s a good reason I still have a MySpace page, even though I’ve come very close to deleting my account. Only the Internet gods know.

Just like there’s a reason I’m back in Glenwood Springs after a brief spell in Flagstaff. I’ll try anything once.

There’s another philosophy I’ve come to live by lately. Well, sort of. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever try eating monkey brains, bungee jumping or driving a mini van.

Unless there’s a soccer mom in me just dying to surface.

My friend Megan and I are constantly saying to each other, “It will all work itself out, girl.” This is mostly because there’s always something going on in our lives requiring heavy contemplation.

We have more drama than a 4-year-old trying to leave a grocery store without riding the little mechanical horse ride first.

The older we get, the more we stay the same.

We are constantly asking ourselves, “What is wrong with us?” Only the therapists know. I’m usually wondering why I haven’t followed in the footsteps of many of my friends from the Midwest and “settled down,” as the married people call it. I was just saying the other day how I’ve become pickier than ever about finding that special someone.

Something about settling down makes me think of settling.

Who wants that, right?

Luckily Megan’s there to remind me that everyone has more than one soul mate, so I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself. According to her theory, soul mates come in and out of our lives all the time.

Some stay around for the duration. Others play their part then disappear.

Mine are much better at the disappearing act.

Maybe I was destined to date a magician or a mob guy. Possibly a groundhog?

I try not to worry about the reasons things in life happen. There’s probably a master plan of some kind, I just need to master controlling it a little better.

Take for example coming back to Glenwood. It’s a step in my life I’m embracing instead of feeling bad about because I failed to make a go of a new city. It can be hard admitting defeat.

But I missed this place more than I ever expected.

I couldn’t wait to see Sopris again and daydream about finally reaching her summit.

I missed all my girlfriends, this 100-percent awesome group of women from all walks of life who enjoy having fun and living in the mountains as much as I do. Maybe even more.

I had this longing to be closer to the Colorado River and the Rocky Mountains, a feeling a flatlander like me would never know until moving away, then coming back.

And it was all in Glenwood Springs.

I figure what happened in Flagstaff stays in Flagstaff. And I’m back in Colorado for many reasons. This week there will be three great ones: skiing, going to the Hot Springs Pool and hanging out with my girlfriends.

See, it all worked itself out.

April E. Clark can’t wait to ski Sunlight. She can be reached at

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