Hot enough for you? |

Hot enough for you?

The world is divided into two groups: hot-weather people and cold-weather people. I, without a doubt, am decidedly a cold-weather person.This recent bout of flippingly hot weather has driven that fact home. How can anyone enjoy stepping out into 90- to 100-degree heat? I just dont get it. When the air inside my nostrils feels hot each time I breathe in and out, Im not happy. When I pet the panting dog whos just been outside in the burning sun and her coat feels hot to the touch, Im not comfortable. Give me a cold, blustery day any time over a sizzler.Yes, I know. People who love hot weather are as adamant about their temperature preference as I am about preferring cold. But a hot (and I mean hot, like weve been having) day makes me wilt, plain and simple. I admit that going out into a freezing cold morning and chipping away at the iced-over windshield isnt exactly a beach party. But neither is not being able to do anything outside because its absolutely draining to move around. I guess if you dont care about going outside, its really no big deal to live in temperatures that are the equivalent of the surface of the sun. A friend of mine from college did her law clerking in Phoenix during one summer. She said she woke up in her air-conditioned apartment, went down to her complexs air-conditioned underground garage, got in her air-conditioned car, drove to the air-conditioned underground parking garage in the law offices building, and went up in an air-conditioned elevator to her air-conditioned floor. All summer.Thats not to say that Ive never experienced living in high heat. During summers in college, I was a river guide in Utah. It would get plenty sweltering on some of those trips through desert canyons but there was always an escape. Namely the Green, Yampa and Colorado rivers were only as far away as an oar blade. We constantly dipped into those rivers, which cooled us right off. So, Im at a loss to understand why anyone would want to move to Phoenix (109 degrees while I was writing this column Monday) or Las Vegas (113 degrees Monday). Ditto Palm Springs (117 degrees) where cool water isnt constantly at the ready. Im at a real minority here though more than 1.3 million call Phoenix home, Vegas has more than half a million permanent residents and counting and Palm Springs is a Mecca for retirees looking to escape old man winter. But 117-degree weather? Yikes. Temps like these make Rifle seem positively frigid at 93 degrees. Im also a four-seasons kind of creature. That probably stems from the early part of my childhood I spent in Southern California, when Christmas rolled around without one flake of snow to be found, not one sleigh ride or snowman in sight. So bring on the snow tires, thigh-deep snow drifts, warm coats and big old Sorels to tromp around in. Ill take that any day over an oven-baked scorcher.Carrie Click is the editor of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle and the western Garfield County bureau editor for the Post Independent. Her swamp cooler is her friend. Carrie can be reached at 625-3245, ext. 101,

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