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If the basement fills up, don’t just buy a swim suit


Ross Talbott
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Let’s suppose you have been asleep at the switch and you suddenly realize that your basement has been filling with water for several days.

Don’t admit your negligence. Announce that it is really a good thing and is making your house better.

Ignore the eroding foundation. Tell your kids it’s really a neat thing and buy swimming suits for all of them.

Maybe even buy some water toys. Put in a water slide and leave the doors open so all the neighbor kids can share in this great opportunity.

In fact, maybe you should offer them all free lunch and swimming lessons.

That would all be a really stupid response.

The foundations are eroding, mold is growing and things of value are rotting away and being destroyed.

Then there is the realization that this whole thing is costing you a lot of good money that might cost you your retirement.

Your water bills are skyrocketing. The insurance company cancelled your insurance.

All your tools and equipment are rusting underwater and eventually the whole house might collapse.

OK, so let’s talk about maybe getting some buckets or possibly a pump.

We will call that plan inundation reform.

The water company comes by because you complained about your bill and suggested you start by shutting off the water and finding the problem.

You tell them that the water is rising slower than ever so that’s unnecessary.

Maybe you could just add something to the water to make it better and reduce the damage.

Come to think of it you could claim it is holy from a miracle source and bottle it.

Sell it cheaper than the competition and claim it has healing powers.

Maybe you could generate enough revenue from unsuspecting buyers to build another house.

Maybe a light will come on and you will shut off the water and then figure out how to restore the house and deal with the damage.

By now you might have suspected where I am going.

Lack of control of the border is not only allowing desperate families looking for a better life to come into America.

The flood of drugs coming in, the billions of dollars flowing out, and feeding the Mexican drug war are a large part of the problem.

It isn’t just honest workers coming across but also terrorists and criminals.

Buying sandwiches and swimming lessons for the neighbor kids is not the place to start solving the problem.

Changing the name to unintended intruders does not justify the intrusion.

But, you say, “I’m running for school principal and I want all these kids to vote for me.”

Just getting elected does not make the school run better.

In fact, selling your integrity and responsibility for the sake of office is downright evil.

Let’s quit electing people to office who are self-serving, immoral and dishonest.

We are sliding into socialism and just making sure everyone has the same amount of water in the basement is not the answer.

Don’t dodge the issues. Don’t change the name in hopes it will look good. Don’t call homicide “freedom of choice.” Don’t justify incestuous relationships.

Don’t ignore the drugs and crime at the border.

Let’s shut the water off and then begin to clean up the problem.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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