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I’m pretty comfy under my rock

Point & ClickCarrie ClickGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I live under a rock. And so do a lot of people I know. Well, I don’t really live under a rock. But sometimes I feel like I do. That’s because more and more I’m becoming less and less interested in what popular culture considers trendy and happening.For starters, I’ve never been on MySpace, the Web site that features zillions of self-made personal profiles. I heard about it after news stories reported that the site is a popular place for pedophiles to go to get personal information about young kids. That’s creepy and wrong, to say the least, and doesn’t motivate me to want to check it out.

Besides that, am I that fascinating that I need to have a Web site dedicated solely to yours truly for the world to see? Probably not. In the olden days, we used to have what was called a diary or journal that we wrote in. It was private, for our own introspection. I think I prefer that over blasting my existence all over the Internet. Another Web phenomenon that I haven’t delved into is YouTube, the hugely popular video-sharing Web site that is making instant stars out of regular joes. I’m thinking that we probably have enough video content with the 800 channels we all now have on our TVs, to say nothing of an endless supply of DVDs to watch and films to screen. Still, am I the only one out there who hasn’t jumped on the YouTube bandwagon? And speaking of television, I’m out of the loop on the whole “American Idol” and “Survivor” thing. OK, granted I’m ill-informed about either program, but what I’ve been able to gather about each show’s premise isn’t very inspiring. With “American Idol,” it seems like it’s “The Gong Show” gone serious, featuring people whose main goal in life is to become a household name.

And the same holds true for “Survivor.” I’m just not interested in watching a 2007 version of adults pretending to be in a bad “Lord of the Flies” remake, backstabbing each other in order to win a bunch of money.While we’re at it, can someone tell me why these programs are called “reality” shows? If they’re representing real life, then I’m Snow White. The other day, I conducted an informal poll with a group of friends who range in age from 30 to 60. Out of those 10 people, not one had been on MySpace, or had watched any of the popular reality shows. Only one, a 57-year-old, had been on YouTube, and that was to watch footage of bands from the ’60s.

Somehow, that was consoling. I may feel like I’m completely out of it, but at least there are 10 other people I know who are out of it, too. I haven’t a clue. And I like it that way. Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle (citizentelegram.com). She wonders how many people don’t have a profile on MySpace. Carrie can be reached at 384-9170, cclick@citizentelegram.com.

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