In the buff when life gets tough |

In the buff when life gets tough

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

Barren times call for barren measures.

Recent stories from the Associated Press and CNN are reporting trends of the au natural kind in the job market. It seems as many women are losing their jobs, they’re also losing their inhibitions. Stripping, posing nude and appearing in adult films are growing in popularity as ways to make ends meet when jobs are scarce.

That’s one way to stretch a dollar.

The AP story, “More women going from jobless to topless,” highlights one woman who went from earning $2,000 a week at a restaurant to making that in one night at a strip club. The story also cited a Rhode Island gentleman’s club that recently hosted a job fair attracting close to 200 potential employees.

I’m guessing the two-piece suit in navy, gray or black we’ve always been instructed to wear to job interviews might not be the best bet. Unless it’s part of a routine.

I hear that sexy librarian/ businesswoman look is really in.

Although $2,000-plus a night sounds like a nice incentive, I might have a little trouble transitioning to the stage or film set sans clothes. Add some awkward dance moves and what goes on in adult films with a bunch of people staring and I might have the anxiety attack of all anxiety attacks. I can barely picture myself in a swimsuit right now, let alone as naked as April 20, 1972.

Use my name as a hint on that one.

Considering Glenwood Springs lacks stripclubs and adult film production studios ” although the latter isn’t always required in filmmaking ” this trend doesn’t really transcend to the mountains. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t shedding their clothes as they lose the shirts off their backs.

CNN has also reported on the trend of Nakation™, or vacations to nudist clubs and resorts. A $400 million-a-year industry, nude recreation can be easy on the wallet. And can really come in handy when avoiding those frustrating airline baggage fees.

All you really need is a carry-on. If that.

According to the American Association for Nude Recreation ” no, I’m not making that up ” benefits of nudism include enhanced self-esteem and straightforward conversation.

There’s not much to hide.

And a Nakation™ is apparently one of the most stress-free trips out there. I can worry with the best of ’em, so I could probably think of something.

What if I run into my best friend’s parents?

Where do I keep my spending money?

What if I sneeze?

On that note, I’d probably skip the trampoline portion of the resort activities. And cycling. I’m not making that one up either. Think about it though, there’s not too much to worry about if you and all the other resort guests are naked. No judging. No need for fancy underwear. No shoes or earrings to coordinate your outfits with when going out to dinner or an excursion.

That would save me at least an hour to get ready.

I might get a little nervous when I see a guy break out a camera. And I probably wouldn’t break out the Running Man on the dance floor, as I’ve been known to do on occasion. But unlike stripping, posing for Hustler or making pornographic films, I can actually see myself hanging out at a nudist club or cruise. There are some things in life you’ve got to try at least once. Even a Nakation™.

Don’t forget the sunscreen in that carry-on though. I can already see the burn.

April E. Clark may be able to talk the talk, but wonders if she could really walk the walk. She can be reached at

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