Increased government control is depressing the economy |

Increased government control is depressing the economy

“A new scent troubles the air-

To you, friendly perhaps-

But we with animal wisdom have

Understood that smell.

To all our kind, its message is guns,

Ferrets, and traps,

And a ministry gassing the little holes

In which we dwell.” ” C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis wrote that many years ago but somehow it resonates with me today. I have avoided commenting on politics up until now.

I am so sick of the endless and deceptive political advertisements. I am nauseated by the slanted and selective news reporting.

Our country became great because it was built by people who valued freedom. That is freedom from excessive government control. That sort of culture built self-reliance, strength, initiative, innovation and pride. The determined and creative people were rewarded with success and a strong nation.

The entire nation was rewarded by having citizens that were strong, self-reliant and patriotic.

We believed that the greatest gift America had to give was opportunity. Now we seem to just want to be taken care of by the government. The popular term is entitlement.

In other words, if you are lazy, unmotivated, self-centered and have a poor sense of values you should be rewarded.

Government penalizes success with taxes, fees, bureaus, departments, inspectors, regulators and permits. You even need a $5.00 permit to walk on so called “public land”.

The effects of this policy are many and ultimately self-destructive. On the one hand, it depresses the productive side of our economy, and on the other hand it perpetuates the consumptive side.

Another result is that employers in the public sector outnumber those in the private sector. The public side is highly consumptive and produces absolutely no product that enhances the GNP (Gross National Product).

The productive side of our economy, which produces food, housing, gasoline and other tangible products is over regulated, taxed and otherwise penalized and depressed; sort of cutting off the hand that feeds you. Over taxation and regulation drives businesses overseas with the net result being the loss of millions of jobs and tax revenue which must be made up by those of us who can’t move our business overseas.

I believe we have reached the point where increased government control depresses the economy which necessitates more government control which further depresses the economy which spirals down to socialism.

Government tells you smoking is bad but they get huge tax revenue off of tobacco.

Gambling is bad if you run it but the government lottery generates millions in revenue and only a small percent goes to the “winners”.

Now they want to take your money and bail out Freddie Mack and Phony May. Maybe it’s because the government agencies themselves have huge investments of surplus taxes.

A senator was reportedly addressing the Senate and said, “Gentlemen, let me tax your memories.” A colleague rolled his eyes and said, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that.”

You’ve heard of the trickledown theory. That works especially well in taxation. Tax the grocer, you pay more for groceries. Tax the oil company and you pay more for gas. Tax the landlord and rent goes up, and on and on and on.

The idea of tax the rich and give it to the poor is simply a smoke screen. The “rich” just raise the prices of goods and services or move the business out of the country.

Property tax is a claim of ownership by the government of your property. Inheritance tax depresses the economy and enriches lawyers. Capital gains tax is outright evil because the so called “gain” is just inflation.

The dominoes are all standing in line. When they go will you be under one of them with your hand out?

To quote again C. S. Lewis: Do not blame us to much if we that are the hedgerow folk; cannot swell the rejoicings at this new world you make.

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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