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Q: What’s the best approach to repaving Grand Avenue through Glenwood Springs?

Jim Nelson


Glenwood Springs

Remove restrictions so that truck traffic is routed to the Midland bypass route. Do it as a trial, with the understanding that it may or may not work on a permanent basis. While the trial period is under way, somehow get CDOT to redo Grand Avenue with asphalt, which will take a matter of a few weeks, rather than concrete, which will involve months of chaos.

Downtown Glenwood is already reeling. For God’s sake, give it a chance to recover! If asphalt will last eight years, that is eight years that the merchants will have to get it together, for the city to find parking somewhere, for us to somehow turn downtown into something that will be attractive to tourists and residents alike.

Tania Odessa

Retired psychotherapist


Being neither a contractor nor a shop owner, I feel unqualified to tackle a solution. I am, however, a pedestrian and offer the following comments:

1. Glenwood’s alleys need redoing. The broken pavement gathers water which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 2. People who don’t drive, (the elderly, disabled, etc.) have very limited transportation options. We are deprived of attending films, classes, lectures, art shows, restaurant dinners, social gatherings or any evening events for lack of transportation. We have a lot to offer the community which seems to have forgotten us.

Bob Shettel

Auto tech teacher

Glenwood Springs

I favor the three-week inconvenience every eight years.

The debate on this project is ironic. If CDOT and the local political agencies had more foresight and less greed 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be dealing with this issue today.

Remember the hue and cry that accompanied the talk of a genuine bypass back then? The business owners on Grand Avenue screamed about the loss of drive-in business. Now, some downtown businesses stand the chance of going under when we are forced to maintain the transportation legacy their predecessors left us.

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