Life is like a box of shoes … and wanting it all |

Life is like a box of shoes … and wanting it all

April in GlenwoodApril E. ClarkGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April E. Clark

In true Carrie Bradshaw form, I am thinking about shoes, relationships and a big closet today.Unfortunately The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” is stuck in my head.Why can’t it be something like “Have It All” by the Foo Fighters?

I’m fresh from a fabulous weekend spent seeing “Sex and the City” on the big screen with my girlfriends (so Carrie) and rafting on the Roaring Fork River (not so Carrie). I can’t decide if I’m more comfortable in black patent leather heels or my 5-year-old Chaco sandals.They both speak to my soul.At least my weekend helped me realize outdoorsy Colorado guys are my thing. Big-city metrosexuals as seen in New York have priorities of which I just can’t relate.Who knows how I’d react if my man’s wardrobe rivaled mine. That’s probably not so difficult considering I’m as likely to own a pair of Manolo Blahniks as Hillary is of winning the presidency.Who says women always get what they want?Sure I have that sun-kissed, post-rafting glow that makes me thank the river gods I live in Colorado. But part of me secretly longs for a gorgeous penthouse apartment and a designer wardrobe upgrade. Both doubtful since I live in a valley where the odds of affording a nice place are equivalent to the Cubs winning the World Series. I like to think both can happen in my lifetime.Maybe I’m just a dreamer. Or would that be a Charlotte?

If a fictional character named Carrie can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous on a writer’s salary, maybe I can do it, too. Writing for Vogue helps. And dating a tycoon.Anyone can do that, right?At one time I was a contributor to a parenting magazine. That throws people off since I’ve never actually parented. But I’ve also never worn a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels or a Christian Dior dress. So maybe I can write out of my element.I hear Hunting Magazine is looking for an editor.One thing “Sex and the City” has caused me to ponder is my own happiness and what I really want out of life. It seems I want it all, just like the girls. Career success. Undying love. Passionate sex. Sexy shoes. Designer purses. Big closets. Stiff Cosmopolitans. And maybe a kid or two to round it all out.If Charlotte can do it, can’t we all?Happiness is relative. An ex-boyfriend once accused me of having a “grass is always greener” mentality. That wasn’t intended as a compliment. I can sometimes be hard to please, depending on which ex-boyfriend you’re asking.

Eat your heart out, Samantha.I’ve been known to make life decisions on a whim – even at a Rock Jam concert. I do know if I put my mind to something, I can (usually) accomplish it.That’s the Miranda in me.I may not have the $500 heels to wear to lunch or the $2,000 MacBook to write my column. But I do have the spirit to be a Carrie, the passion to be a Samantha, the patience to be a Charlotte and the sense to be a Miranda.The four of us could actually get what we want in the end – big closets, sun-soaked rafting trips and all.April E. Clark has a new appreciation for Vivienne Westwood dresses. She can be reached at

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