Life. Simplified.: To attract bees, think like a flower |

Life. Simplified.: To attract bees, think like a flower

Business development guru and Internet marketing phenomenon Brendon Burchard says, “Stop being the busy bumblebee and start becoming the flower.”

In business, most of us are buzzing around from blossom to blossom — desperately searching for something sweet to land on. Burchard reminds us to leverage our efforts by becoming the flower and start attracting all those busy bees to us. I’ve recently started playing with this idea, and I’ve come up with three specific ways to put this metaphor into practice.

1. Attracting an abundance of diligent, hard-working bees requires: (1) looking like something sweet to land on, (2) smelling sweet enough to draw bees in and (3) delivering something exceptionally sweet when they land. In other words, flowers attract bumblebees by looking sexy, emitting an enticing fragrance and serving up something sweet enough to keep them coming back.

In business, we attract an enthusiastic constituency when we: (1) present ourselves in an appealing way (smart branding), (2) put off a vibe that draws clients in (excellent customer service) and (3) deliver the goods with heart and integrity (reliable value). These are the ABC’s of good business.

2. Attempting to vie for the attention of the same bees, flowers develop unique characteristics in order to stay competitive with one another. The most successful plants employ multiple flowers to support one organism. In this way, each individual flower supports the greater good. Collectively, roots grow stronger, stems grow taller, and individual blossoms reach farther toward the sky — where bees tend to be in their search for something sweet to land on.

By creating a strong network of collaborative relationships and promotional partners, we cross-pollinate potential clients among bees who share a taste for what we have to offer. Those collaborative relationships cultivate a stronger shared client-base among those we intend to serve. By developing complimentary goods and services, we attract more bees and keep them coming back with less individual effort. This is the virtue of building relationships around intentional collaboration.

3. One of the most important concepts about becoming a flower-minded business is understanding the difference between flowers that attract bees for pollination and flowers that attract bees for food. Pitcher plants have developed a carnivorous taste for insects and have learned to mimic the scent of nectar with a gland designed to trap bees within. The plant’s aroma is so compelling, bees are drawn inside a funnel where they slip into a soup that digests them alive. Sound familiar?

Businesses absolutely make money using this deceitful model of pageantry to trick would-be clients into scams that promise but don’t deliver. When we think about the advantage of repeat business — when the same bee comes back again and again, bringing along his little bumblebee buddies — the benefits of exceeding expectations and delivering with heart and integrity far outweigh the one-off alternative. That is why carnivorous plants are so rare in nature, and flowers flourish in virtually every climate on the planet.

Realistically, flowers may not always have it so easy. But when it comes to thriving in business, we stand to gain a lot more from emulating the flower than the busy bee. You can transform your business model from endlessly searching for clients to strategically attracting them, with these three simple ideas.

Brand yourself well, commit to phenomenal customer service, and consistently exceed expectations through your product.

Look for opportunities to leverage your effort by complimenting your goods and services among others willing to collaborate for the collective good.

Develop your products and services for your target market, and consistently deliver with heart and integrity. This will help inspire customer loyalty through repeat business and ensure enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals — the sweetest honey of good business.

Evan Zislis is founder and principal consultant of Intentional Solutions, delivering hands-on organizational solutions and strategies consulting for households, businesses, students, and life transitions. For more information about simplifying your stuff and organizing your life, call 970-366-2532, email or become a friend at Evan’s new ebook, ClutterFree Revolution, is available for download on Amazon. Learn more at

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