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Looking for love in all the wrong huddles

“What do you MEAN you’re fantasizing about other men?” husband-head said indignantly. “That doesn’t fly with me, woman…””It’s only three of them,” I admitted. “And they seem nice. But they’re a little bit young and one is married…”Husband-head looked at me as if I’d gone mad.Actually, it was a game on a Web site that I’d discovered called “Fantasy Husband.” The gist of it is that women like me who are football widows for at least seven months out of the year can play Fantasy Husband while our husbands are busy watching games and playing fantasy football.”For all of the football widows, whether you’re a wife, girlfriend or just a smart single lady who wants to have some fun, this is your answer to men’s football addiction,” the site says.And because I could so relate, I had no problem forking over $9.95 to become a member and play the game.The first order of business was to pick three “fantasy” husbands out of the 20 listed on the site.”Which husband will score for YOU?” the site asks.The object of the game is that your fantasy “husbands” must answer questions and their responses are scored by a panel of marriage counselors. The person with the highest scoring husbands wins a necklace…The players pick the husbands based on a description of their height, weight, hair and eye color, profession, interests, strengths and “annoying” habits they have.For example, “Steve” is 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds. He lists his build as “athletic” with brown hair and hazel eyes. He’s a salesman and a Scorpio.”His best quality is that he is very confident in his career,” his description reads. “He can be inconsiderate of your feelings at times. Steve prefers a night on the town.”Not only does Steve sound like a jerk, his picture looks like he’s an arrogant ass and does not fare well in my book, so I pass.Then there’s Henry. At 42 years old, 6-2 and 210 pounds with gray hair and hazel eyes, he is listed as an executive manager and is a Capricorn.”He is a great conversationalist, when you can get his attention,” it says. “His annoying habit is his love for the sports channel…”Ummm…hello. Isn’t this what we’re trying to get AWAY from?Then there’s Sam, a financial planner whose picture is really exciting in that he’s reading the stock exchange page of the Wall Street Journal and Jeff, who resembles Tom Cruise and is reportedly “spontaneous and prefers what sounds the most fun at the moment.”This is a quality every women looks for in a man…So I go for Alberto, who is young enough to be my son. His interests include cooking and Latin music. But that could be fun.”He likes to think of himself as playful, which comes across as immature at times,” his bio reads. I’m used to that.”His annoying habit is he also thinks he is right most of the time,” it continues.He’s a man.Then I chose Dillon. Even though I’m old enough to have been Dillon’s babysitter when he was young, I am intrigued. A geologist, he is 6-0, 205 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes. He is a Taurus.And although he’s quite cute, it’s the description that gets my interest.”He can be tough to talk to, but is loyal and sweet.”A man that doesn’t talk? Heaven … I’m in heaven…My last pick was Reid. Reid’s picture is really strange in that he is lying on the grass chewing on a pen with a notebook in front of him. We’re not sure if he’s really stoned or what, but he looks pensive.”His interest is fine wine,” it describes.Because my interest is any wine, I’m thinking Reid and I have a lot in common.The whole fantasy husband game at least gave me something to do while husband-head was playing fantasy football.”I’ve got to go check my scores!” he said, running downstairs to his computer in this basement.”Me, too!” I said running upstairs to my computer in the office.I figure, if he can fantasize about other guys, so can I…Heidi Rice is a staff reporter for the Post Independent. Her column runs every Friday. Visit her Web site at http://www.heidirice.com.

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