Magazines go digital at Garfield County Libraries |

Magazines go digital at Garfield County Libraries

Stephen Tafoya
Tech Trainer

The digital world is always changing the analog landscape that we live in. First, it was the way we listened to music and watched movies. It moved into how we compute with tablet technology and has graced us with the wonderful (though often controversial) world of eBooks. Now it has moved into a more colorful plane, the thriving magazine market.

Founded in 2001 by Kevin McCurdy, Zinio has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the magazine into digital format. When the iPad launched in 2010, Zinio started to gain more momentum as it rode the wave of the new tablet’s popularity. Now, Zinio has over 5,500 titles in its market collection, and as a Garfield County Library member, you can benefit from a selection of the Zinio service, and for free!

As of May 1, the Garfield County Libraries began offering Zinio to our communities. All of the library branches voted on the initial 25 magazine titles to offer Garfield County residents. Look for a survey this fall to help us choose the 25 additional titles to be made available later in the year.

With a Garfield County Library card, members can now log into the Library’s Zinio site and choose from popular titles like Backpacker, Digital Photo, Bicycling, Every Day with Rachael Ray, National Geographic, O, Reader’s Digest, Rolling Stone, and MORE! Once a member has set up their account to use Zinio, readers can then download and access current issues of each title, read them offline (on most devices), and the best part: you get to keep them forever at no cost to you!

We hope to provide a successful Zinio service for our members, and the first step is training. In the coming months, each Garfield County Library will be hosting a Zinio workshop where residents are encouraged to bring in their devices and learn how to utilize Zinio for personal use. Of course, those without devices (but are curious about Zinio) are welcome too. We will provide laptops, and iPads from our Tab Lab, so that everyone can partake in the Zinio experience.

For more information, and to download Zinio visit us at

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