More government jobs are not the answer |

More government jobs are not the answer

Ross Talbott
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I keep remembering Vice President Joe Biden’s’ famous statement about the whole thing being summed up in just one three-letter word: “jobs.”

Well, that was good for a chuckle, but it isn’t really that simple.

There are different kinds of jobs.

When the federal government brags that it has created 100,000 jobs, it doesn’t tell you that they are the kinds of jobs you will have to pay for.

With the new Obamacare, I guess you could say it created a bunch of jobs. These, however, are not wealth-creating positions but are almost all parasitical in nature.

For instance if they build a large recreation center, the jobs they create will be paid for with tax money you pay.

In fact, the ongoing staff and maintenance will impose an ongoing burden on your money.

If you vote to build a new school it not only takes up front money but creates a need for tax money for years into the future.

There are operations in our culture that create wealth and there are those that consume wealth.

When you talk about creating jobs it’s important to know whether they are consumptive or productive.

Things that create wealth are farming, mining, oil and gas production, logging, manufacturing and similar industries.

With the new Obamacare, I guess you could say it created a bunch of jobs. These, however, are not wealth-creating positions but are almost all parasitical in nature.

Now, we not only have our medical bills to pay but we must pay for the necessary additional infrastructure to keep it going.

The idea of health care for the poor, the undermotivated, and illegal aliens (sorry — undocumented immigrants) creates jobs that you must pay for.

If you think you are getting off the hook, remember that every increase in cost to the producer is ultimately paid by you when you buy the product.

Just saying that creating jobs will solve the economy is a gross oversimplification.

Another area in which we’ve been duped is taxes.

The normal response, just raise the taxes on the wealthy.

It should occur to you that if you raise taxes on the farmer, the cost of food goes up and you pay.

The farmer doesn’t have a money tree in the back pasture.

The same happens with every producer.

Force employers to pay higher wages or increase the cost of insurance and jobs are eliminated, production goes down or the business moves to China.

It’s the new trickle-down theory. The guy at the bottom takes the hit.

Tax is not just income tax. It is every fee, permit, withholding, severance, property, etc., etc.

In fact, the Supreme Court just ruled that Obamacare is a tax.

The same narrow response occurs when it is pointed out what a huge job force government has.

It’s not just federal. It is also cities, counties, states, BLM, Forest Service, all inspectors, the military, the prison system, the school system, etc., etc.

I visited the prison in Sterling, Colorado, and found they had 2,000 inmates and 800 employees.

The prison system does not create wealth.

On the contrary, it is a huge consumer of our money.

A criminal on the loose probably costs society far less than when he goes through the judicial system and ends up with free food, entertainment, legal advice and housing.

If our nation keeps buying lumber from Canada, oil from Saudi Arabia, retail products from China and cars from Japan we will end up scavenging in the trash dump.

Don’t jump to simplistic conclusions about jobs, or taxes, but try to get the whole picture.

More taxes and regulations is not the answer.

Give us “freefrom.”

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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