My first concert was something special |

My first concert was something special

One of my favorite questions to ask people is, “What was your first-ever concert?”The second and third: How does one become a socialite, and where do I freaking sign up already?Time is definitely not on my side.Sometimes I can really learn about a person by the choices they made as a pre-teen. Then I remember wearing corduroy knickers and a ponytail on the side of my head, and lose that theory quick.When asked that question, some friends drop enviable names like Weezer or Peter Gabriel. Dave Matthews, the Steve Miller Band and Kool & The Gang have also topped the list.A guy hasn’t lived until he’s waved a Bic in the air during “Cherish.”Luckily I have friends like Megan my twin except I don’t have an 11-year marriage, two small kids, a nice house in the suburbs, etc. to make me feel better. She not only was hangin’ tough at a New Kids on the Block concert in middle school, but she and her NKOTB groupie-cheerleader friends rented a limo for the occasion.I’m laughing with you Meg, not at you.Each time there’s mention that Southern rock band 38 Special is coming to the Garfield County Fair, I make sure to announce that they’re the first band I ever saw in concert. Actually, 38 Special opened up for Cheap Trick, which was the real reason I was there.Cheap Trick and 38 Special – sounds like a bad name for an adult film star and her trusty sidekick.At the tender age of 9, I had a little crush on Cheap Trick’s lead singer, Robin Zander. As kids, my brother and I would pretend we were the band straight out of Rockford, Ill. I’d be Robin because I had long hair and he’d be Rick Nielsen on the guitar. We’d jump from the top of my brother’s bunk bed singing, “Mommy’s all right, Daddy’s all right, they just seem a little weird …”Dian, my mom, loved that.When we heard Cheap Trick and 38 Special were coming to Indy, we begged and begged and begged for my mom to take us to the concert. She probably cracked at about Day 15, after hearing “Dream Police” blare from my brother’s stereo for the 900,000th time.I can almost hear the needle being placed on the vinyl right now. Then it skips because we just jumped off the top bunk onto the blue shag carpet.My mom wasn’t exactly crazy about taking us to the concert. But Cheap Trick was Cheap Trick did I mention my love for Robin Zander and I’m sure we totally did some wonderful stuff around the house for that once-in-a-lifetime chance.Who knew, really, that Cheap Trick would still be making records in 2006?I don’t recall a lot about the concert, just that it was held at the now-demolished Market Square Arena and I stayed up past my bedtime. And Robin Zander was there.I remember a little bit about 38 Special, mostly when I hear that “Hold On Loosely” song, which I thought was “Hold On Lucy” at the time. In between the tickle-April-until-she-pees-her-pants fights and mismatched light-saber wars, my brother and I had great fun as kids. We loved to listen to music together, mostly early-’80s bands like Supertramp and The Knack.Of course, I spent a lot more time appreciating the work of the Gibb brothers and Olivia Newton John than he. But we still shared a love for music.Marty eventually learned to play music really well. I mostly listen to it, except for playing the Flutophone, often referred to by nonmidwesterners as a “recorder.” I can rock “Mary Had a Little Lamb” like nobody’s business.My brother may be more of a metalhead than me he insists I’m a hippie out here in Colorado but we still have the same answer when someone asks, “What was your first-ever concert?”Not everyone can say Cheap Trick and 38 Special. And mean it.April E. Clark’s favorite concert so far has been the Jimmy Buffett Labor Day show at Wrigley Field last year. It’ll take a lot to top that one. She can be reached at 945-8515, ext. 518, or

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