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One word: Why?

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Carrie Click

I’m perplexed. Life is constantly making me say, “Huh?” Here are a few recent observations I’ve made that have really made me scratch my head, at least figuratively.• Trashing the recycling center: I took a load of commingled plastic, bottles, aluminum cans and glass to the recycling center this morning. As I lifted my bag o’ recycleds into the semi-trailer-sized green container, I noticed that someone had dumped trash – yogurt containers, napkins and all sorts of stuff that shouldn’t be in the bin – right on top of the enormous pile of carefully sorted materials. Why on earth would anyone bother to go all the way to the recycling center to dump a load of garbage? Because of that trash, the entire load will likely be deemed contaminated and dumped in the landfill. And the time and trouble that folks took to separate, cart and properly dump their recycleds in that huge bin won’t be recycled at all.

• Categorizing movies: Did you ever notice that most movies are categorized into distinct groups, such as “comedy,” “horror,” “drama” and “action”? I know that probably helps people decide what movie to see, and therefore helps sell tickets, but how odd is that? Life isn’t like that at all. Take a day in the life of a human being. It’s likely to have all of those components. The dog does something funny in the morning (comedy), and on your way to work, someone cuts in front of you. As your heart jumps through the top of your head, you swerve (horror). Later, you comfort a co-worker who’s fighting with her kids (drama). And after work, you take a horseback ride and let your horse run full tilt (action). My husband Erik is a big horror movie fan, but I could really do without them. Besides the whole creepy surprise factor in scary movies, rarely does anyone have any sense of humor in a horror flick. That’s unless it’s a parody, like the kind the Wayans brothers produce.

I don’t need a friggin’ clown jumping up and down in front of me 24/7, but life is a combination of all the above. Even a newspaper column like this is supposed to be categorized into a genre: humor, serious, political, whatever. But life’s not like that. • Inspections for camels, not kids: Erik and I have recently acquired three gorgeous dromedary camels that we’ll be using for trekking around Rifle (If you missed that column, you’ll just have to trust me that I’m not kidding.) For the past two months, we’ve been modifying our little ranch to provide a safe, healthy, proper area for camel habitation, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. There’s a whole book filled with rules and regulations on how high our fences must be (six feet), how many fences we must have between the camels and everything else (we need two), and what the fences must be made of (enough wood and wire to keep out an animal the size of a skunk). And those are just the fencing regulations. We are being inspected for this fencing, for cleanliness, for providing quality feed and water, and a host of other issues. That’s fine; we’re ready, and we’ll make modifications as the inspector sees fit.

But it occurred to me as we were preparing for the USDA – Why is all this required for camels, cool and wonderful as they are, and not for human babies? Where are our priorities that the USDA requires such stringent codes be followed to the letter for animals, but for children, there’s no such regulations? Huh?Carrie Click is the editor and the general manager of The Citizen Telegram (, Rifle’s weekly newspaper. Carrie will continue to share what perplexes her as long as you care to read it. Carrie can be reached at 384-9170,

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