Perspective — a beginning |

Perspective — a beginning

Yours, theirs, mine. We all have it. Denis Waitley, author and productivity guru, once said, “You must look within for value, but look beyond for perspective.”

As an aspiring journalist many years ago, one of the first guidelines we were told was to report the facts and remain unbiased. Yeah, right. In theory it is possible. In reality, not so much. It is intrinsic to human beings to experience the world around them and for that world and experience to have an impact on them. It colors the way they perceive the world. Anyone who has ever experienced an illness or traumatic event, or even lived through something like Sept. 11 understands how you just don’t see things in the same way as before.

To tell someone “just the facts, ma’am” is to ignore and deny a basic human character. Our beliefs and values — those unwavering principles — are at our core. However, as we have looked outside and experienced life, our perception is sometimes altered by that which we have experienced. Some journalists are better at remaining unbiased than others. However, I would rather know where someone stands up-front than to try to read between the lines or listen to a news report that is obviously biased but is being presented as unbiased. That is why I can listen to both NPR and Fox News. I know what angle they are coming from, and I understand it.

This column will give you information and facts on things that touch your lives and our area. But I am fortunate enough to be allowed to tell it from my perspective. Hence, the name of the column is Perspective. My sincere thanks to Mike Bennett, publisher of the Post Independent, and Drew Munro, editor, for the privilege of sharing this venue. I will honestly try to give you facts from all sides, but if I have viewpoint that I want to share, you will know.

To tell someone “just the facts, ma’am” is to ignore and deny a basic human character. Our beliefs and values — those unwavering principles are at our core.

It is my hope that this column will continue to spark dialogue in our communities about issues, challenges and debates. However, I want to make sure we celebrate accomplishments, give kudos and share visions we have. If you have an idea or an issue that you would like me to explore, let me know. If you have a suggestion, large or small, for a way to improve any of our communities, I want to know. If you don’t like what I have to say — yes, I want to know that, too. I want to hear your perspective. Who knows, you might just change mine.

Since I live, work and hang out mostly in Glenwood Springs, that is my main focus, but I also want to include all local communities, issues and opportunities. I will try to stay away from state and national issues, unless they affect our area, our economy, our businesses and our lives.

So to end this introduction, I want you to know a bit about me. I am a third-generation Colorado native and have lived in Glenwood Springs for the most part since 1969. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I have a full-time day job at Colorado Mountain College, and for fun I write, read, research, serve on the Glenwood Springs Planning Commission, Transportation Commission, and Victim’s and Law Enforcement Board and attend a lot of City Council meetings. I also garden — though not very successfully — travel, visit my grandkids and ride my Honda Shadow. I have only one request: If you wish to contact me — do not contact me about any item that is before or might come before the Planning Commission. To do so could disqualify me from hearing that item when it comes before the Commission. I would love to hear your perspective.

— Kathy Trauger is a Glenwood Springs resident and writer who blogs about Glenwood Springs at She chairs the Glenwood Springs Planning & Zoning Commission and is a member of the Transportation Commission and the Victims and Law Enforcement Board.

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