Peshawar shows ‘humanity must come together’ |

Peshawar shows ‘humanity must come together’

Hussain Mustafa

Ten years ago, Hussain Mustafa of Peshawar, Pakistan, spent several weeks in Carbondale participating in a Solar Energy Institute program. Art Ackerman of Carbondale received this email from him following this week’s Taliban attack on a school there and received permission to have it published in the Post Independent.

I write to you from Peshawar, a city where wailing parents in every locality over the recent killing at a local school is a grim story. One hundred forty-five students, teachers and few soldier perished as the onslaught of 11 terrorists took hostage some 500 students gathering; students who had come on a workshop for a orientation to student exchange program to USA.

Their parents had to see their kin in gory shape, some with half faces and some with slit throats and abdomens. Such barbarism is not true Islam or any decent religion or culture in spite the terrorists speaking Arabic.

These Arabic-speaking criminals are the remains of freedom fighters-turned-terrorists who were supported and were used against Russian invasion in Afghanistan. These groups have become very strong and trained over years and their utility now spreads over continents. One sees similar horrific scenes in Syria these days.

At an hour like this humanity has to come together, set aside political gains and work for common good. There is a big upsurge happening against the corrupt regime here in last three months. In last 20 years, we saw one after another very poor state system that failed for years to address this as a policy.

Unfortunately, these corrupt regimes are still thoroughly supported by the USA and Britain. On one side there is hue and cry against mismanagement of taxpayers’ money from the West in such poor countries; on the other hand these puppet poor-performing regimes are supported and promoted in the name of democracy.

Actually CNN and BBC are silent on the mass demonstrations of common men on the streets happening nationwide for many months now, some with scores of deaths on roads defenselessly shot by our own police. Where is neutral journalism? Where are basic human rights? There is so much of effort by the U.S. government to win support with common masses here, but such double standards are bringing a bad name to the USA, and the divide is deepening.

May this pain unite us as people of a common God.

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