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Next time you’re feeling ho-hum about the place you live, do something different. Be a tour guide for the place you call home.

I’m not talking about getting a job on a giant bus shouting canned information through a megaphone to half-awake passengers.

I’m talking about showing somebody else your town: the places that are important to you and your life, the reasons why you live where you live.

During the summers, this newspaper takes on a college intern to serve as a reporter.

It’s a great deal. We get some much-appreciated help with covering stories, and the intern gets valuable hands-on experience.

Christine Dell’Amore is a 23-year-old grad student in the midst of getting her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Through an association with the Colorado Press Association, she has signed on to come to Glenwood Springs for 10 weeks this summer and write for the paper.

Last weekend, Christine came to town to check out her temporary summertime home, and look around for living arrangements.

Since Christine is into horses, and my husband and I own two mares, editor Heather McGregor suggested that I could connect with Christine while she was here.


Our “Meet Big Mare and Mercy” turned into a day’s adventure.

Christine grew up back east, in Maryland. She told me when we talked on the phone last week that she’s never lived in a city with less than 100,000 people living alongside her. And though she’s ridden and competed, she’s never lived where she could actually board her horse at home ” you know, look out the window and see horses, let alone wide open spaces, mountains and sky.

This was my cue. I decided I’d give her a good overview of where she’d be living this summer.

We started off at Sunlight. Yeah, I know Christine won’t be doing a lot of skiing in July, but any excuse to go skiing is a good excuse as far as I’m concerned.

“You’re so lucky to have an area like this so close to town,” she said to me.

Yep. We are.

From there, we cruised through Glenwood ” downtown, the pool, different neighborhoods. I showed her where the Coal Seam fire had come and gone, and as we headed down to Rifle and the horses, I pointed out the Coal Seam along the Hogback, the big horizontal no-snow band parallel to Interstate 70.

We took the back way through New Castle and Silt, and I saw these little towns with fresh eyes as we passed by Bob’s Bicycle Shop, Spirits liquor store, and the Miner’s Claim restaurant.

“Silt’s little secret,” I said to Christine. “Arugula in Silt.”

Christine had already read about the Roan Plateau and when I pointed it out she was surprised it was so close, towering high over Rifle.

We landed on 3rd Street in Rifle, and got a parking space right in front of the Creekbend Cafe. Christine said it was the best roasted chicken sandwich she’s had.

The horses came right over to us when we headed out to feed them carrots and say hi. They gave us a lovely example of their typical mare cat-fight behavior, throwing their heads around and running each other off, before calming down and enjoying a good scratch behind the ears, courtesy of Christine and me.

Christine said she’d bring her saddle this summer and asked if she could exercise Big Mare and Mercy. I told her absolutely, any time she wanted.

I’m looking at the place we live a little differently now. I know it won’t last. That fresh-eyed view will give way to familiarity ” until the next time I take a step back and take myself on a tour of the place I call home.

Post Independent staff writer Carrie Click’s column appears on Tuesdays. She can be reached at 945-8515, ext. 518, or cclick@postindependent.com.

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