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The ongoing stories about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have got me thinking in a new way. Take for example, the water pressure situation at our house. Since were on a well, our water pressure is, shall we say, not the greatest. Every time my husband, Erik, and I stay at a hotel, its a mad dash to the bathroom to be the first to enjoy a shower with water pressure. Heaven. This morning, as I turned on the bath water for a shower and the water came out in slow and I mean slow droplets, I groaned. Maybe a ladybug would consider what was coming out of the spigot a torrential downpour, but it was thoroughly inadequate. I thought to myself, Who do I have to know to get a shower around here? Suddenly, I stopped. So, I dont have a lot of water pressure at the moment. Eventually, in a minute or two, it will get a bit better. And while were at it, lets re-think this. Unlike thousands of people on the Gulf Coast, I have a house, and its actually standing. Not only is it standing, but its not encrusted with mud and mold, our family photos are on the wall and our furniture is in place not lost and/or ruined. And how about this I have access, albeit sometimes on a limited basis, to drinkable, potable running water. Water pressure? Get over it. Weve all heard it, because its true: Its impossible to fathom what the people of the Gulf Coast are going through. But if theres anything positive to be learned from this, its that we are flipping lucky lucky to have what we have, lucky to be alive, lucky to be able to wake up in our beds, go about our daily lives, and enjoy the company of those we care about. Its a really good thing to remember. I know its hard to maintain that feeling. Daily, little irritating things, like water pressure (Im using that as a very generic metaphor, if you havent guessed) creep into our lives, and we get worked up. When I find myself doing that, I try to take a breath and just remember that its not about the water dripping out a drop every 10 seconds, the squalling cat who wants to be fed, the bills that need to be paid, or the hours that seem to tick away way faster than they should.We have a roof over our heads, and running water. And, for starters, thats a huge privilege. Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram.

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