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Point/Counterpoint: Council already knows what Glenwood Springs residents want

Tony Hershey
Glenwood Springs City Council member

On May 6, in a 6-1 vote, the Glenwood Springs City Council decided to waste $35,000 of your money on a meaningless “push” poll. Frustrated by the will of the people, the Mayor and others want to try to persuade you to vote for a street tax increase again, despite that tax being decisively defeated in 2019. They want to do this even after almost doubling your water rates in a 5-2 vote (wait until you see your July bill). Two years ago, I ran on a relatively simple platform, fix the streets, maintain our infrastructure, stop the beautification projects and wasteful spending. And, have the government, as we all must do, spend the money it has and “live within its means.”

For two years I have tried to fight the entrenched, inert, unresponsive, and irresponsible leadership that cannot keep its financial house in order and cannot correctly prioritize its spending. Certainly, the failure of our infrastructure upkeep, maintenance, and lack of spending precedes this council. But we, and I take my responsibility for not doing more to fix our infrastructure, have failed the basic function of any government: to serve the people.

Now this council, out of touch with their constituents, want to “poll” you to determine what you want. But no poll is needed, we all know what we want from any local government.

We want safe, clean streets. We want basic services like electricity and water, and we want an efficient government that does not raise our taxes every time they cannot afford to provide basic necessities.

What we do not want are endless beautification projects, constant expansion of the size and role of government, and/or waste. A poll is just an attempt to influence you to vote for more taxes to fix the streets and other infrastructure, things we should be doing with the money we pay in taxes now. Sample question: “You want your streets fixed and do not want higher taxes? Well then, we have to close the Rec Center.” It is a false choice and one avoidable if this council has a budget that, like all of us must, that does not spend more money than the government collects now.

The solution here is easy. I encourage every citizen of Glenwood Springs to email/write/call your Mayor and council. Their contact information can be found at: https://www.ci.glenwood-springs.co.us/280/About-the-Council. Tell them we do not need a poll to determine what we want from our government: i.e., safe, clean streets, basic services and amenities, and a government that puts the people before the needs of special interests. Remember $35,000 could fix a lot of potholes.

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