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Political ads get old and irritating

The biennial elections are on us again. I must confess that by the time Election Day arrives, I am totally frustrated and disgusted by the plethora of political ads and news stories. At this time there is no evidence that Joe Shmoe is a dirty rotten thief and sex offender as his handsome and competent opponent has charged; however we will be reporting this developing story. Stay tuned for further developments. Gag!Let me insert a qualifier. I am referring to state and national and not local politics. Locally, we can know the candidates personally and have a pretty good idea of their character and performance. State and nationally we must wade through a landslide of mailings and television ads and news stories.All too often we resort to falling back on our preconceived biases regarding party affiliation. Actually, it’s almost impossible to do otherwise, because it’s virtually impossible to really understand all the issues. It’s sort of like looking at ships in a dense fog bank. In this case, the fog is the other organization’s special interest and agendas. Everyone from the NEA, the AARP, ACLU and the NRA knows what’s best for you.Trying to sort out all the issues is like trying to milk a cow that has severe diarrhea. There is a lot of potential for both the good and bad. Most of the time you end up with a mixture of both. My brother says that when you finally get down to the finish line you just “vote for the least worst.” (Sort that one out, you English teachers.)Another of the “unintended consequences” of our political system is the cost. People with huge financial resources such as George Soros or Bill Gates can buy influence among voters. People who are liberals are generally heart-centered and respond to emotional rhetoric. Being heart-centered is wonderful, because those types are loving and compassionate. They are also easily suckered. Conservatives, on the other hand, can be too pragmatic and hard. My personal attitude tends to be “suck it up and deal with it. Wipe the blood off on your pants and keep working with your other hand.”Someone has said, “If you are young and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart, and if you’re old and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain.” As soon as your eyes uncross, let me point out that this is an oversimplification. It does, however, have some basis in fact. College campuses are hotbeds of far-left thinking. On the other hand, business organizations are almost universally right of center.Here’s another quote to light your fire. Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s to the left.” I guess you know why I like that one.The only thing worse than a Democrat or a Republican, is an Independent. I call them “dependents.” They self-righteously say, “I can vote for anyone I choose.” Well, so can I, but belonging to a party gives you input into the process. You can go to the caucus, the convention and other party meetings, be involved in dialogue, help set policy and help select candidates.In addition to being directly involved in the party, get into organizations you trust and that are solid. For instance, if you are a farmer, check out the Farm Bureau. Try to avoid the extremes such as the Society for the Preservation of Prairie Dogs or the Earth Liberation Front. Any group with a really narrow agenda and is totally self-serving will only confuse you.I say, if you don’t understand the issues, either get on board or don’t vote.God Bless America!My name is Ross Talbott and I approved this message.Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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