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Potluck, poker and double-dog-dare highlight slumber party shower

When was the last time you went to a slumber party?I’m not directing this at little girls (who, I’m sure, experience the slumber party circuit as often as brushing their teeth), and I’m not talking about co-ed slumber parties of the romantic sort. The last time I went to a slumber party was last Friday – and it’s something I’d recommend to anyone who’s feeling the least bit: a) cynical, b) dulled by everyday life or c) in need of a leave-the-world-behind sojourn. The women in the newsroom at the Post Independent decided to throw a little bridal shower for our own Donna Daniels, who’s getting married in a couple of weeks. The invite list was small. After running our idea by Donna, we decided on keeping it tight, and inviting just the newswomen – Donna and myself, our editor, Heather, our publisher, Valerie, and Kelley, our intrepid female staff photographer. A couple of wives and S.O.s (significant others) also came to the party, but no men. My husband, Erik, stuck around, but only to marinade the chicken kabobs and to barbecue them on the grill. Way before, he had already planned to clear out for the night. He took off the second he heard one of the ladies comment about her bra being uncomfortable, but his rendition of what transpired is so much more interesting. “I was out of there the second one of them said they wanted to see me in a G-string!” he told one of his guy friends on the phone the next day. Yeah, right.Back to the bridal shower slumber party. Us ladies see each other all the time at the paper, but working at a daily newspaper is go-go-go all the time, and we don’t get much of a chance to hang out during work hours. What could be better for hanging out than a slumber party, we thought.I volunteered to hold the shin-dig at my house, and since my husband and I have a small horse ranch in Rifle, we thought we should turn the shower into a sleepover. I mean, who wants to get in their car in the middle of the night and drive after spending the evening with a bunch of women, drinking, eating, laughing, comparing P.J.s and carrying on?I took the girls on a tour of our place inside and out, which included visiting our two mares, Big Mare and Mercy. We fed them carrots and apples, and gave them lots of attention.We had a pot luck – which as pot lucks usually work, magically balanced out with the perfect amount of main course, salad, bread and dessert. Donna opened some bride-to-be presents, and later, we got in our jammies and played poker – Seven Card Stud, Follow the Queen and Low Spade in the Hole with One-eyed Jacks Wild – around our big round dining room table. We used little plastic cocktail drink animals (“I’ll see your blue monkey and raise you a pink mermaid”) for betting. I’m not saying who won or lost. Poker face. The next morning – truth be told, a couple of the girls bailed the night before, feigning doctor’s appointments and deadlines but the rest of us know that they just had P.J. envy – Heather fired up her griddle and made us all pancakes. We sat outside under the globe willow, drinking coffee. Erik rolled up in his truck, and pretty soon, he came clomping up the drive, riding Big Mare bareback. My 10-year-old stepdaughter, Elizabeth, emerged from a slumber party of her own and double-dog-dared Heather to ride her horse, Tomahawk. Heather obliged, and so did Tomahawk. Everybody eventually ended up riding. A good time was had by all. After all is said, I can’t recommend a slumber party highly enough. You don’t even need an event, like a bridal shower or a birthday. Try it. I guarantee you’ll wake up feeling better.

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