Proud to be a redneck |

Proud to be a redneck

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I’m looking back over the last 100 years and realizing what a short span of time it is relative to mankind’s several thousand years of existence on this planet. There have always been brilliant people who devised ways to build pyramids and other amazing things. But technical progress did not really begin until this century.

The rate of change or advancement was fairly slow, however, up until the last 70-100 years.

In just two generations we have gone from plowing with horses to walking on the moon.

Not very many years back the neighbors went by on the way to town for groceries driving a spring wagon with a team of one horse and one mule. Now we tolerate the steady roar of traffic on I-70.

Not only has there been great change but since the ’80s, but the rate of change is skyrocketing. Remember the first cell phone? Now they take pictures, text message, play music, and other stuff I haven’t figured out.

The new stuff is fun and vastly increases our options, but there are subtle side effects that are worrisome.

The rapid increase in urbanization exacerbates the problem. Actually there are several serious problems. First and foremost is that people, particularly in urban areas, become so dependent upon technology that they could not function if it were all taken away or really any significant part of that infrastructure.

This new world gives a whole new meaning to the term “dependent.” As I was growing up, dependents were children who had to be cared for by parents because they hadn’t learned the necessary skills to be independent.

Today we are almost all dependents of the government and the financial structure.

If you look at a map of the red and blue states and/or counties you quickly realize that the urban areas are predominately “liberal” while the rural areas are predominately “conservative”.

The difference then is that a liberal has bought into total dependency on government while a conservative still thinks he could make it on his own.

City people don’t even know where the stuff goes when they flush the toilet. It’s fun to watch city people freak out when forced to use an outhouse.

When you begin to understand the huge disparity of situation and experience between urban and rural people, you begin to realize why they look at government differently.

People in the cities have a deep-seated, underlying insecurity because of their total dependency on the created environment in which they live.

Being totally dependent on electricity, grocery stores, telephones, television and transportation puts them at the mercy of the system.

The burgeoning population with that perceived dependency drives the whole society toward socialism in an irreversible manner.

The increasing growth of so called “liberalism” is tied to the rapid growth of large urban areas.

If disaster strikes our country it will focus on the population centers and the survivors will flee to the countryside. Rural people will be inundated with a swarm of people with no survival skills.

When war comes to our nation, and it will, I want the redneck conservatives at my side, people who have weapons and know how to survive.

Liberals try to characterize red necks as drunks hanging out at bars. The “red neck” really comes from hours in the sun working to produce farm products or building that infrastructure you are so dependent on.

A good study of liberal vs. conservative is to consider the total difference in response to hurricane Katrina by New Orleans and the response to hurricane Rita by Texas.

Go ahead and make fun of the rednecks, but remember they are the ones you honor on Memorial Day. They are the ones who fight to keep this country safe and free.

I’m proud to be a redneck.

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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