Publisher’s column: Polis’ shame game unlikely to win over hearts in COVID-19 vaccination efforts |

Publisher’s column: Polis’ shame game unlikely to win over hearts in COVID-19 vaccination efforts

Post Independent and Citizen Telegram Publisher Bryce Jacobson.

Our governor has gone the way of former President Trump, and it’s not flattering in the least bit.

On Wednesday, a post on Gov. Jared Polis’ Twitter page said, “This remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and that threatens our freedom — like your freedom to receive routine or lifesaving medical care like cancer treatment.”

First of all, a majority of Coloradans and voters nationwide broke away from former president Trump reportedly because of their belief he was tearing this country apart — or to put it plainly, not very nice.

Polis’ tweet Wednesday, and others recently, might be more eloquent than those of former President Trump, but it’s alarming nonetheless.

It draws a stark line between two different groups of people: vaccinated and unvaccinated. It’s more than merely divisive, however; it’s contrary to what we all learned in kindergarten: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

The analogy is also absurd. It is both legal and ethically acceptable to honor one’s decision to not be resuscitated and to not receive cancer treatment if that is what they desire. Yet Polis attempts to compare one’s choice to not seek treatment for the awful disease of cancer to another person’s choice to not be vaccinated. To what purpose?

I think we expect more from our leaders — divisive tactics don’t work. Instead of leading, educating and discussing the effectiveness of the vaccine, our state’s leader is choosing to simply throw stones.

He goes further in his official statement to say that “unvaccinated people do the right thing,” as if to presume he is the authority on right or wrong. So is he now against Do Not Resuscitate orders? Or Is that no longer the “right“ thing?

I personally am growing weary of these tactics, and I don’t think we the people should accept it anymore. I expect civility and discussion, not shaming and senseless commentary from our elected officials — especially in our beloved state of Colorado.

In the issue of COVID-19 — and all issues, in fact — let’s lead the state in solutions via calm, candid and civil conversation that allow all opinions to be respected.

Bryce Jacobson is publisher of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and Rifle Citizen Telegram. He can be reached at or at 970-384-9133.

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