Re-2 students destined for a lifetime of creativity |

Re-2 students destined for a lifetime of creativity

Most of the 13 Re-2 DestiNation ImagiNation teams began working right after Christmas vacation, meeting after school for several hours at least twice a week until the competition that was held in Hayden the first week of Spring Break. The students must do all the thinking, building, creating, sewing, etc. for their presentations. Coaches keep the kids on task, but cannot offer suggestions or do any of the work. It is a tremendous opportunity for students to be creative in many ways and to solve different kinds of problems. Teamwork is also very important to the entire process.Students may choose from several challenges. Primary kids do not compete unless they choose to, but they participate for the opportunity to experience the competion. The first part of the presentation long-term challenge they work on for months. The Instant Challenge is the second component of the competition. The team goes into a room with three appraisers. They are given their problem, usually four to five minutes to plan and create a solution. The team is given two to three minutes to present their solution. The entire process takes about 10 minutes, and is 25 percent of their total score.The DestiNation ImagiNation State competion will be held Saturday, April 27, at the University of Denver.Eleven teams of the Re-2 contingency that competed in Hayden were from Rifle, two from Roy Moore Elementary, two from Riverside, and two from Kathryn Senor Elementary.The Esma Lewis Energizers third-grade team, coached by Julie Walpole, finished first and qualified for state. The Energizers are Emma Neal, Joseph Moher, Kieryn Wurts-Hammond, James Whitehead, Quinn Dooley, Cody Chick.The Esma Lewis Stars fourthgrade team, coached by Janelle Bascom, are Brianna Bascom, Andrew Brusig, Chris Kuester and Ruth Sanchez.The Esma Lewis Egyptians fourth-grade team, coached by Nancy Whitcombe, are John Baker, Laura Elkins, Kailin Nelson, Courtney Steinwinder and Dayton Lucas.Delaine McBride coached the Esma Lewis Brainiacs fifth-grade team, who finished second and qualified for state. The team members are Amanda Harmon, Crystal Riddle, Tammy Snyder, Brian Key, Cole Gangaware, Ryan Rebhan and Robby Rausin.The Esma Lewis Stellar Seven fifth-grade team, coached by Terry Lapka, finished fourth out of 13 teams. Those team members are Marcy Kreimier, Nicholas Lapka, William Aten, Gretchen Ring, Abby Barnes, Luis Iniguez and Alix Dooley.Also qualilfying for state were the Rifle Middle School Sparks seventh- and eighth-grade team, coached by Georgi Aibner. Andrea Aibner, Sarah Brusig, Mitch Kosht, Jenna Withee, Caitlin Johnson, Boyd Milhorn and Morgan Kent are team members.The Rifle Middle School Holanders eighth-grade team, coached by Mary Holand, finished in first place in their division. Alicia Eggen, Colleen Marshall, Sasha Montgomery, Daniel Deming and Dustin Mikolic will be traveling to state.RMS Hepta-Sept 7 sixth and seventh graders, coached by Gretchen Harr, finished first and qualified for state in the It’s Your Move challenge. They are Gavin Griffith’s, Kori Kosht, Thomas Hernandez, Katie MacGregor, Gail Lyons, Hazen Moss and Scott Rust.The Rifle Middle School Stars eighth graders, coached by Katie Parchen, were Nicolle McCown, Mandy Meskel, Brett Youngman, Leslie Naugle, Ashley Smedra, Randa Martin and Natalie Bernklau.The Rifle Middle School Unknown seventh-grade team, coached by Anna Downs, was comprised of Brooke Gugin, Spencer Miller, Rayjean Kramer, Tim Parrington, Heather Simms, Amber Dungan and Samantha Davis. Rifle High School Sparks competed in the StranDId challenge and were coached by David Kosht. They were first in their division and qualified for state. Team members are Megan McBride, David Hayner-Norton, Bradie Kozera, Hailey McDonald, Sarah Gallager and Brittany Zelaya. Brittany was part of the RHS DI team that took the second place in the international DI competition.The Riverside School fourth grade team, coached by Audrey Thornton, chose the Art of Improv for their challenge. Those team members are Jeroen Thornton, Taylor Bosworth, Christina Weaver, Alayna Schlafley and Colby Fauser.The fifth-grade Roy Moore Elementary team chose It’s Your Move for their challenge. The team was coached by Bill Murphy and Nancy Vidal and comprised of DaLin Murphy, DaNivin Murphy, Michael Fazzi, Ryan Flaherty, Misty Kearns, Sophia Vidal, William Faber, and qualified for state by taking first place.Also from Roy Moore Elementary was a fourth-grade team who chose the StranDId challenge. This team was coached by Sheryl Johnson and Dan Becker. Emily Johnson, Rachel Becker, Shanna Fix, Samantha Burk, Ryan Zelenka, Marc Dodero and Joseph Anderle were members on the team.A second-grade team from Kathryn Senor Elementary, The Hawks, coached by Shelly Hemig and Marjorie McGowen, was comprised of Bryan Hemig, Reed Hubbell, Kyle Ryan, America Weise, Cameron Cotton, Mallory McGowen and Madison Gallipo. The team won two awards for their presentation in the Dual Dilemma challenge. They won the Rising Star Award and the Renaissance Award for outstanding skill in design and performance.The second graders’ challenge was to design and pre-build a structure out of balsa wood, paper and glue that would hold up to 300 pounds, and fit in a 10-by-10-inch area. Their structure held 25 pounds. The team had 30 minutes for their Instant Challenge – to design and build a structure, out of balsa wood and duct tape, that would hold 300 pounds. “We were just thrilled to death that the premade structure held weight. They were extremely excited and surprised by the fanfare of it all,” said coach Hemig. The judges of the competition were impressed by The Hawks, the only primary team in the state to attempt this challenge.The Garfield Re-2 School District is proud to be able to support this creative problem-solving program. The skills these students build will be extremely important in their lives. Good luck to all the eight Re-2 teams competing at the state level on April 27.The New Castle Schools Carnival, which benefits both Riverside and Kathryn Senor Elementary schools, will be held at Riverside on Friday, April 19, from 6-9 p.m. The New Castle Lions Club will serve an affordable barbeque dinner starting at 5 p.m. Organizers need help to set up, run booths and clean up. Cakes, pies and other goodies are needed for the Cakewalk. Call either Diane Boat at 984-3421 or Brenda Simonson at 984-2283 to get involved.Kay Vasilakis works in public relations for the Re-2 Schools.

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