Ready for whatever life hands me today |

Ready for whatever life hands me today

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

When asked if they would don bikinis and sit in a hot tub while pro snowboarders rode a rail directly above them, four out of five of my friends agree.

The answer would be no.

Actually, more like “Hell no.”

Then, there’s me. Plus that one friend out of five. And she knows who she is.

The simple fact I would agree to such a vulnerable scenario is indicative of how I’ve been embracing life lately. I’m open to trying to new things. Just as long as I don’t end up serving time in a Thai prison, working the corner, or face down in a “ditch somewhere” (as my mother would say), I’m up for the challenge.

Sure, I say that now. Watch the opportunity to skydive fall in my lap. Then there’s no turning back.

Unless the wind changes direction.

I figure someday I can tell my grandkids grand ole stories about the olden days, sort of how my Grandpa “Bud” McAnany does. From the tales he tells, he was ” and actually still is ” quite fearless and full of spunk.

It’s all in the name.

When I’m old and gray ” or maybe I’ll be dying the ‘do red like Lucille Ball ” I’ll be able to say I once sat in for a Coors Light girl and appeared in a snowboard video. OK, maybe just my head will have made the director’s cut. I was pretty much camouflaged in the snow, as anything below my neck has not seen the sun since summer ’07.

I’m so white you can see my internal organs.

Despite shocking my system into wearing a bikini so early in the year, I had fun sitting in a hot tub while pro snowboarders jumped over my head. It was sick (which I should advise my mother is a good thing). Actually I was still feeling a lingering cold/ cough, and I’m lucky I didn’t catch pneumonia.

So technically it was pretty sick.

All in a day’s fun, really. I like to wake up every morning and wonder what life is going to hand me that day. And if I suspect things aren’t going to go around being handed to me, I really get motivated and take charge. That almost always requires taking a chance.

Scary and splendid, all rolled up in one like my favorite sushi at JH Chen.

Of course not everyone is into accepting life’s little dares or putting themselves out there like a Pussycat Doll act. But I’m happy to be part of an ongoing experiment that says “Ha!” to being bashful. Stand-up comedy, rafter shots at the Inn, the “Vagina Monologues” … OK I’ve never participated in the last two, but that would be cool if I did.

Let ’em say, “She’s got a lot of nerve!”

And really mean it.

I appreciate women like Madonna ” and not because I’m a child of the ’80s and “Like a Virgin” was like my favorite song in middle school. She has always taken a risk and continues to reinvent herself. At 50, she’s still an innovator in the music industry and is as sexy as ever.

My friend Sheila has that kind of spunk. She aspired to start a hip new clothing store when Glenwood needed it the most. She did just that, calling it Personality.

For those who know Sheila, it’s a perfect fit.

Which reminds me of a quote from Harvard professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Just think if Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks or Amelia Earhart would have done everything they were expected to as women.

The world just wouldn’t be the same.

Earhart is a longtime role model of mine because of her connection to my alma mater. She was a counselor for women and an aeronautics adviser at Purdue University. I’m not into flying airplanes ” mostly because I require Dramamine to travel ” but I’ve always been a fan. I imagine a lot of people, even other women, had things to say about her once her back was turned. And if she were here today, sitting in a hot tub in a bikini while snowboarders did tricks over her head would probably not be on her to-do list.

But she was not afraid to take a chance.

Earhart once said, “[Women] must pay for everything. … They do get more glory than men for comparable feats. But, also, women get more notoriety when they crash.”

Maybe next time the guys can sit in the hot tub in their swim trunks and the pro female boarders will fly through the air over their heads.

Now that would be sick, right Amelia?

April E. Clark can’t wait for summer. She can be reached at

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