Recall has no merit |

Recall has no merit

Dave MooreSilt MayorGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I first want to thank everyone who has offered their support. The question most often asked about this recall is, “I still don’t understand what you did that rises to the level demanding recall?” I have not received a list of errors, or a letter of explanation, just the accusation that I have violated codes and statutes as read in the papers. I will attempt to answer these accusations. Tibbetts in a letter to the editor addressed an investigation that involved Trustee Doug Williams and me. Former Chief stated: “I was directed by the (former administrator) to conduct an investigation into alleged improper conduct … by Town Board members.” This “investigation” was conducted without board approval, or board knowledge. This “investigation” was incomplete because “conclusions were reached and recommendations made without the testimony of Trustee Williams, and I was never informed that I was under investigation. The town attorney said, “I can find no wrong doing.” Former Chief recommended that all the board take a two-day class by the CIRSA attorneys. The Board of Trustees agreed to put this issue behind us. No codes were broken.In this same letter it states that I refused to recuse myself on a seven-unit condo proposed to be built less than 60 feet from my house. There was a conflict of interest, after the debate I was voted by the board to be recused, thus ending the issue in the Democratic way. No codes were broken.”Stillwater special hearing on metropolitan districts, Moore did not conduct a fair and impartial hearing. … He presented a 30-minute presentation detailing his opposition.” Yes, I was opposed to this district. The 30-minute presentation could at any time have been objected to by any of the board members including Mr. Tibbetts, but wasn’t. We are representatives of the people, elected to fully review all issues that affect the town. Mr. Tibbetts has persistently and relentlessly supported this Metro District. Debate is part of the American process. No codes were broken.E-mail sent out by elected officials could result in a violation of open meetings law. This e-mail issue is still being debated by lawyers. However when recommended by the town attorney that the Board of Trustees cease e-mailing on certain subjects, we all took the advice, including myself. I ceased e-mailing immediately; even to the extent that Mr. Tibbetts stated that I had taken him off my mailing list. No codes were broken.It was reported that I gave 30 minutes instead of three minutes to a person in “citizen comments.” The board agreed to give her this time. No codes were broken.The above accusations are baseless, and frivolous. I have given 3.5 years to this town. I have labored in getting acquainted with the issues. The people voted me in, and I refuse to let anybody discourage me from the position that I was elected to. A recall is reserved for gross violations such as malfeasance of office, misappropriation of funds, conflicts of interest, sexual misconduct, personal threats or a variety of other serious offenses. Recalls are not designed for procedural mistakes or differences of opinion. One mayor told me that if all mayors were recalled for this level of violation, there wouldn’t be one elected mayor in the United States. I view this as a selfish attempt to gain the mayor-ship without going through an election, at the expense of the citizens. I appeal to Mr. Tibbetts to withdraw the recall, and not bring any more embarrassment and shame to this town. If you want to be mayor then do it the right way. Dave Moore is Mayor of Silt.

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