Rockin’ my world |

Rockin’ my world

April in GlenwoodApril E. ClarkGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GRAND JUNCTION This is where a colossal American flag hangs from a crane. Yellow “Support the Troops” magnets stick to mini vans and trucks.And Styx, Foreigner and Def Leppard play arena-style rock ‘n’ roll like it’s 1987.Welcome to the Junction.Like most of my experiences in life, I approached Rock Jam 2007 with little planning and big expectations. This was, after all, a concert headlining none other than Def Leppard. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a sucker for the vocal stylings of Joe Elliott.Even if he doesn’t wear tight, ripped jeans anymore.Or tank tops.Or have a mullet.I headed west to the show with friends Rob and Michelle in Rob’s 1976 Volkswagen bus, affectionately referred to as the Green Machine. We didn’t have tickets.But, like George Michael, we had faith.Unfortunately faith doesn’t go very far when general admission is $70 the day of the show.

Spontaneity sometimes comes at a price.We pulled up to the venue in the Green Machine to discover that painted woven cowboy hats à la Bret Michaels are all the rage.And the jean short is still in fashion.Like an American Express card, never leave home (for Rock Jam) without it.The scene in the parking lot was a festive one, much like tailgating before a football game. There were burgers on grills, patio umbrellas propped up in truck beds for shade and women in bikini tops.The members of Styx weren’t the only ones with too much time on their hands. Luckily, we weren’t hard-pressed for time, either. We relaxed around the bus, reading the multiple bumper stickers affixed to a truck parked in front of us. They were good conversation starters, at least:”Quagmire Accomplished.””Fox News is State Run Media”And my favorite, “McCain-Powell 2008. Playtime is over. Here comes (sic) the men.”That one inspired me to come up with my own bumper sticker:”Clinton-Oprah 2008. The old boys club is over. Here come the women.”

As in those punch lines to MasterCard commercials, freedom of speech is priceless.A local radio station spoke about its calendar that raises funds for breast-cancer awareness.I was sold when the announcer stated, over the loudspeaker, why raising money for breast cancer is so important.”We want to save the second base,” he said.I figured people went straight to third base these days.And to drive the point home:”Half the population has breasts,” he added.We could rule the world with our special powers.The music was equally as entertaining, especially when Styx took the stage.”We got a big ol’ rock ‘n’ roll show for y’all,” said the band’s frontman.”Wow,” I said to Michelle. “I didn’t know Styx were such hicks.”Rather ironic coming from an Indiana girl.

Foreigner followed, playing all the those ’80s hits hardly foreign to anyone who grew up in that era. I thought for sure Michelle was going to wet herself when Rob did his best air-guitar impersonation during “Hot-blooded.”Hot doesn’t exactly come to mind.Throughout the show, I repeated the phrase, “This is rockin’ my world!”I’m sure that never got old.But my true feelings were never more evident than when Def Lep (I once saw it on a T-shirt) took the stage.I relived my high school days when the band performed pretty much every ‘Hysteria” hit … “Love Bites,” “Excitable” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”Bands in the ’80s didn’t leave much to the imagination.The band covered “Rock On” by ’70s one-hit wonder David Essex and closed the show with none other than “Rock of Ages.” I can’t explain it any other way than they rocked.It was Rock Jam, after all.They wouldn’t have it any other way in Junction.April E. Clark is no longer “as cold as ice” when it comes to love. She can be reached at and 945-8515, ext. 16601.

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