Setting the record straight |

Setting the record straight

Andrea Porter
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Andrea Porter

It’s interesting to be the subject of so many rumors from people on the street making up their own stories of what they envision happening to us. And it’s interesting that other media outlets seem to be so interested in what we are doing as well. Unless you haven’t been paying attention lately, it’s no secret the media industry is in a significant state of flux.

Not just the newspaper industry, but really all media. But we’re a newspaper and as such there’s so much being said about what’s going to happen. For example, we’ve heard that we’re closing. Not true. Not even close. And we’ve heard that we’re going to either shut down The Aspen Times or the Glenwood newspaper and then we’d have just a single newspaper serving the Roaring Fork Valley. Again, not true. One could make an argument, purely from an economic standpoint that would be a good idea. However, in evaluating any of the ideas we’ve heard in rumor, we would not meet our obligation and responsibilities to the communities we serve. We have our community’s needs at heart.

Glenwood and Aspen are very much independent and different communities. So, today we will set the record straight.

We are going to continue to publish both the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and The Aspen Times. We are going to continue to provide excellent value and service to our advertisers, actually offer more value to them. We are going to continue to cover the news and more of it.

It is true that we’ve had to reduce staff. Just like the business owner who has the restaurant or the sporting goods store or the real estate company that has had to make adjustments, we’ve had to also make adjustments. A newspaper is a business, and the simple fact is we can’t spend more than we take in. So we’ve had to adjust our expenses to meet the new reality in the marketplace as the economy has contracted. And when things get better, we’ll go back into expansion mode.

But back to the newspapers. What is true is that we’ve figured out that the best way to provide superior service to our advertisers is to publish the ads sold by our staff in Glenwood and the staff in Aspen in both newspapers, at the same prices that are being paid now. What a terrific deal that will be for the advertisers. Lower cost and greater reach.

As for the editorial content like news, sports, features and community items, we’re now going to increase the space devoted to our editorial product as a result of the new approach to advertising.

This will be happening in early June.

While being independent of one another, it’s clear there is a connection between the two markets as it relates to many news stories. As it is today, if there is a relevant story that all of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys are interested in, we would share that article and publish it in both the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and Aspen Times.

This is something we do currently, but with our new approach we will be able to provide even more news.

Now, the folks in our readership area will still get a Glenwood Springs Post Independent, which will include Garfield County news, the focus of the newspaper. And folks in Aspen region will still get their Aspen Times with a focus on Pitkin County news. That is not changing.

Let’s be very clear, there will still be two distinct staffs for both newspapers. There will be two different newsrooms, and the approaches to the news will remain very independent.

We might share resources on occasion and we will publish stories from one another but all decisions will be made individually.

The papers will share some content like a World and Nation section. There will also be a common Sports section with the usual emphasis on local coverage.

Yes, there will be some pages that will be identical in both publications. However, the local news, opinion pages and things like letters to the editor will remain separate and distinct.

The communities we serve are in our best interest. We will remain two separate and distinct publications in the valley, we will have the same local content that we’ve always had in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and more regional and state news and feature stories. (We will be bringing back the TV listings.) Our Glenwood Springs Post Independent will be bigger and better than ever before.

Andrea Porter is publisher of the Post Independent.

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