Some people really don’t know enough to be qualified to vote |

Some people really don’t know enough to be qualified to vote

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I pulled a copy of a report on conservative vs. liberal voting by counties in America off the Internet. An interesting division becomes obvious when all the urban areas are blue (liberal) and all of the rural areas are red (conservative).

If you live in a densely populated area and are immersed in all the things that people do and build, you just may have an incomplete perception of life. If your experience with animals is limited to Disney shows and your house cat, it is not reality. If your idea of marriage is colored by Desperate Housewives, you are out of touch with reality.

If you open the faucet for water or just flush the toilet and have no concept of the source, the system or the end result, you are probably not qualified to vote in public elections.

We Americans eat better than kings did just a couple of hundred years ago, but most urban people have no concept of the vast systems of growing, transporting, preparing, storing and marketing.

You are probably beginning to detect a slight bias on my part. I have hired people from the cities and also people from the farms and ranches. By and large, the rural people have a much greater sense of responsibility. They understand cause and effect. They appreciate hard work, and they are generally more honest.

Let me remind you I am using generalities, and you can find exceptions on both sides. The fact is, however, people who work manually to produce a product which stimulates the economy want opportunity, not entitlement.

An interesting educational exercise would be to divide the population into producers and parasites. Here’s an example of a parasite. A divorced lady with children was thinking of taking her husband back. The Social Service worker said to let him back in, but don’t marry him so you can keep getting Aid to Dependent Children (ADC). By the way, the county social worker was doing that herself. Parasites do reproduce.

The pilgrims lost half of their group to starvation until someone came up with the idea of giving each family a piece of land. The next year they had corn in abundance. Communism didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Opportunity wins out over entitlement every time. Do you think maybe a stimulus package would have worked for the pilgrims?

When I was starting in business, only property owners who paid taxes could vote on any proposal to raise taxes such as school bond issues, etc.

Then someone came up with the idea that anyone should be able to vote. They called it “one-man-one vote,” which sounded nice, like “freedom of choice.”

Now the parasites could vote. The botflies could demand more cows. What’s happening now is the cows are moving to foreign countries that don’t have botflies.

If you tax the rich, they will move their offices and factories to some other country and hire nonunion labor in that country. If we had states rights, each state could compete for the business and jobs.

Massive public works are not the answer. Borrowing money to loan money is stupid. Buying stock in a failing business is dumb, even if you are the federal government.

Protecting people from consequences of bad decisions only multiplies the bad decisions.

Are you like people stuck on an escalator yelling for help? Do you know how to plant a garden? Have you learned how to can food or maybe sew your own clothes? Are you just going to stand there and scream for help?

Are you really qualified to vote?

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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